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                              Animation Studio

                              What is an Animation Studio?

                              Animation production requires a set of specialized tech skills and specific software. Animation studio has the necessary technology and experienced specialists who produce animation in commercial volumes. In simplest terms, animation studios are companies that produce all kinds of animated media. Some studios create and release their own branded products like animated films or games and hold the copyright for their characters and technology. Other studios design animated content for clients on a contract-based agreement and do not hold the copyright for the digital merchandize.

                              Most animation studios perform work associated with animated character and animated web graphics creation. Other areas of their expertise include:

                              • Game design
                              • Feature film production
                              • Animated commercials’ creation
                              • Design of websites, title sequences, TV series, and short films
                              • A variety of multimedia creation.

                              Most renounced animation studios also establish collaborative partnerships with film production companies to enrich modern films with realistic special effects and animation features.

                              Currently, over 200 animation studios function worldwide, specializing in both own projects and outsourced orders completion. The most famous animation studios in the USA include the Walt Disney Animation Studios (originally established at the Disney Brother Animation Studio in 1923), Pixar Animation Studios launched in 1979 as the Graphics Group, and DreamWorks Animation SKG.

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