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                              Company intro videos

                              Company intro videos


                              Company into videos are the tickets companies use to capture their target audiences’ attention by telling them who they are and what they offer. The business intro is often placed at the homepage of a company website, and it should be able to introduce the company within a few seconds.

                              To get it right, think of company intro videos as snapshots. These videos generally last for between 30 to 60 seconds. They explain what your company does, the product or service you’re selling, and how you solve your customers’ needs. While you must include important details about your company, ensure that the video also brings some entertainment to keep the customers engaged.

                              Great company intro videos should indicate:

                              • Your company location
                              • Your staff members
                              • Your company’s story

                              You expect a great company intro video to express the company’s personality and provide more information while creating an impression. The video should be able to capture the audience’s attention within 5 to 10 seconds.

                              Uses of company intro videos

                              Company intro videos are essential in various ways:

                              • They marketing your products or services: Business intro videos are more effective in selling your products or services than the texts and images on your homepage. The video on your homepage makes your website more interactive. Many sites are likely to watch the video than reading the large texts on your homepage.

                              • They help you tell your company’s story easily: Remember that people don’t like to read large volumes of text, especially when they know they can get the story in less than one minute. That’s how effective business intro videos can be in helping your company show what they do and how your products. The video gets the message across in an entertaining manner.

                              Can you use animation in company intro videos?

                              Company intro videos should not be animated fully because doing so will lose the human touch. Customers would want to interact with real people, especially when learning about a company and its products. While animation videos are essential, you should not use them entirely because you want to build relationships on a human level — which you can’t when using animations.

                              Company intro video examples created by Darvideo Animation Studio could be found here. You are so much welcome to learn more!

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