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                              Written by Julia Kotlyar

                              How product video can make customers fall in love with your product

                              How product video can make customers fall in love with your product

                              Over the past few years, video has increased its popularity across the globe. You can see it everywhere – social media, television, websites, text messages, billboards, etc. Today, creating videos on your own has never been easier. Now everyone has instant access to filming, editing and publishing videos via their smartphones and cameras. But why so? Because video is a different thing to perceive: an easy-to-digest format that helps people to get information much faster and easier, resting from the overabundance of textual information online It is also a powerful entertaining-selling instrument.

                              Just a few numbers:

                              Video viewing statistics in the article about the video for the product

                              Video is for selling? Yes, but there is more value

                              The purpose of any business is to sell stuff, but it actually doesn’t limit anything. Many videos are building blocks that help to boost community growth and strengthen your position on the market.

                              But how can one make a video that is engaging enough in order to go viral? How to make a video that will not only increase ROI or the company’s income in general but also gather a bigger community around your brand? 

                              Today there are thousands of possibilities to make a video of any kind: long and short, entertaining and informative, interview and story, low budget and overrated expensive. But what is the secret of making a video that will grab viewers attention and will call them to action? You can have an excellent product or service, but if your video “don’t catch” it is all worth nothing. The answer is – an effective content marketing strategy where the company has a solid understanding of the main purpose. Why do I need this video? What do I want to achieve with it?  Whenever you have an answer – you can decide on what kind of video is the most suitable for your purpose. One of the most popular and universal types of video is the Explainer video.

                              For example, in this video about Georgian wines, an approach was used that takes a user by the hand to the world of wines in general. You can see here infographics, explanations and a very attentive way of looking at the subject. Then, from the common area of the sphere, video moves to a specific company and how it is different from the others.

                              Explainer videos can help educate people about your product and can be used in conjunction with instructions, customer service activities, and a whole other range of applications. If you want to inform, educate, entertain your audience – this type of video is for you. This is exactly what this example does – it educates people about the wines in general, making them familiar with the context, and then presents the product.

                              Another important mission for Explainers – is selling. Focus on information and data and include relevant information within your explainer video. This way you are not focusing the client’s attention on the sales process but the informational process. There are lots of commercials everywhere so it can be a very refreshing change when you offer non-sales type language within your animated explainer videos. This will increase the level of interest customers have about your product while concentrating less on the sales funnel or sales process.

                              In this video, we can see a clear selling point combined with storytelling. It created a great product video that helped the company to boost its position higher.

                              Solutions is a well known consulting company that specializes in supply chain management. Overall, these complex services require a lot of time and money thus unaffordable for smaller companies. This simple motion graphics explainer shows What-If Service, a solution that can provide some basic insights for much fewer costs and significantly less time.

                              Secrets of making videos that work

                              1. The video should present quick and rich content because it is more fulfilling than viewing simple images or tedious words.

                              It is not a secret that reading takes more time than watching. Even podcasts take longer because they lack visual aids. Visual content allows delivering information several times as fast. For example, if you need to show any graph, you can present it with a speaker simultaneously illustrating the information on the picture clearly and entertainingly, instead of a graph followed by a paragraph explaining it.

                              2. Stop Selling. Nobody likes direct sales.

                              There are several outreach approaches that aim to sell, but the video must give you and your audience more than that. The main goal is to give information that will engage people and make them curious about your brand. Many customers have a bad response to sales videos that are trying to push the products they don’t need. Instead of producing yet another product video, try to create the need, and show how to solve it by purchasing your product. Make people interested in something, but not make them buy, only because you have to sell a product.

                              For instance, you are selling a resistance band for exercise. Don’t sell the band at first, produce a video with 10 boost workouts using resistance bands and then sell. Once a client watches your video, he watches it for a reason and if you teach and tell him everything you know he will recognize you as the most trustworthy source of information.

                              3. Showing, not telling.

                              With the right combination of visuals and sound, there is nothing a video can do. Any viewer will watch your video, as long as you follow up it with valuable and concise content. Nowadays, businesses use this method to their advantage by marketing with videos instead of with text and images. A video that will eventually work must have a hook, a simple and understandable idea. It has to bring solutions and has a gripping final call-to-action and you are bound to have success with keeping audiences interested.

                              Let’s take a look at the principle “showing, not telling” that was embodied in this series of product videos for Joom. Here we can see how Joom actually can help people resolve their needs.

                              Over the years of work and collaboration with various kinds of Businesses, Darvideo Studio has learned and mastered the skill of producing the exact kind of video a client needs. As soon as you see the product, the Darvideo team already knows what type of video is good, its format and duration, the script etc. here are the three bright examples of absolutely different kinds of companies who provide different services.

                              Volksbank Explainer Video Case

                              This explainer video tells the message that Volksbank has a beneficial loyalty program. The main task was to make this video simple and clear for understanding to all clients, showing all the benefits of the Volksbank Loyalty Program. The video includes three main characters, each of whom deals with a different bank. On simple examples of daily purchases video vividly showed huge differences in banks loyalty programs and what bonuses clients have if they use Volksbank. We received the script from the client. Created funny figures as characters and animated them. Plus, we added SFX sounds to the video that has brought some entertaining items as well. No numbers, no big data, no direct selling message, just a clear and easy script with bright examples and a simple call to action.

                              The general technical characteristic of the video is:

                              Duration: 45 sec

                              Format: 2d graphics with character animation

                              Type: Animated Explainer Video

                              The resulting Volksbank Explainer Video

                              Train Concept Promo Case

                              Animated video that represents the concept of new Fast Trains. Our Studio has developed the whole video script concept, visual effects, locations, and sounds. As a result, we produced a fast and dynamic video that was used for a promotion campaign. The type of 3D video allows showing all the aspects of the Fast Train: its sizes, abilities, conveniences, interior, and exterior design, etc. Due to bright graphics, viewers can see the train from any angle, estimating its standards and comfort level.

                              Side by Side Case

                              A type of informative and educating video. “Rethink your Commute” – that was the motto of the video made for the SF Community City Transport. The thing is that San Francisco Area has highly overloaded transport traffic through the main bridge – The Golden Gate. The main goal of the video was to show the benefits of using city transport instead of a personal vehicle.

                              Again, the animated explainer type of video allowed to show in a very simple and entertaining manner all cons and pros of using different kinds of transport using an interesting story that is known to every viewer and brought a simple solution.

                              This video was outlined as interesting to watch with an unambiguous call to action which is – Advantages of using city transport for personal good use and ecology.

                              How to Make a Customer Fall in Love with the Video?

                              First thing first: your video must contain the emotion that is relatable to the context. Make sure your script is clear, valuable and can solve the user’s problem. Focus on one case – Show what you want to show, what you want to outline and emphasize.

                              The script is your way to play the melody in the perfect way. Once the script is ready, comes a visual part that should be an essential addition to your story. Visual effects, their general view, color, and style – it all has meaning and function. Your main goal is to transfer your client to the imaginary world of the video and to cause emotions. Animated video – is a virtual commodity that can revive any character, describe any story, call any demand and bring a successful and easy solution. Whenever you want to become closer to your client – choose video. It is an integral part of any selling strategy and that can be easily done and can be highly effective.

                              Video is without doubt the main tool of promotion. When it is made with fantasy and imagination, people become engaged with the subject of such a video.

                              Video is the main promotion tool

                              Consider it when choosing your way of presenting the product 🙂

                              And if you know that you want a Video – Darvideo Studio knows how to make an ultimate customized video product that can increase conversion rate and meet client’s needs. Be sure of Darvideo as a professional studio that can focus on the company’s requests and wishes to come with the most effective and innovative video solution. Contact us in order to get a beautiful video that will help your brand to stand out from competitors.

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                              Steve 25.02.2021 at 14:45

                              matter if these images are moving or not (well, at this point really doesn’t matter); is the best way for users and customers to meet the product. Once they see it, they will probably remember at least something that is most catchy about it.

                              Saymon Berndy 07.05.2021 at 15:03

                              Our company has long doubted the feasibility of creating a video about us. But we decided to give it a try. Just out of curiosity. Just to tell you about our opportunities. We didn’t even think that we would have new clients. By the way, we talked to some of them, and they admitted that they came to us just after watching a video about our company.

                              Therefore, I have no doubt that attracting video is a modern method of interest to people)

                              Gerry 07.09.2021 at 22:44

                              You have shown great examples. I’m excited.

                              Anneta Fickstoun 09.09.2021 at 12:55

                              Yes, this is an effective way to promote a product. Now it works in advertising

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