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                              To what extreme do you know about extremes? Extremes are the most confusing elements in animation. Most people confuse the extremes with breakdowns and keyframes. Are they the same? Are they different? Well, let’s see.


                              Extremes are drawings or images that are at the beginning and the end of a pose. They are also known as preliminary drawings.

                              Full Definition

                              Extremes refer to the farthest posture of a character. They also refer to the effect in a direction or in motion.
                              Some people confuse extremes as keys, and others cannot tell the difference between extremes and breakdowns. Here is an example of an image that illustrates what is extreme.

                              Extreme in animation is an example

                              Extremes are not transitions, but they show the change of direction, anticipations, emotions of characters, leaning, and elaborate clear actions between keys. For example, if a character is walking, the beginning drawing is extreme, and the ending is drawing one.
                              The extremes drawings emphasize movement.

                              Where is Extreme Mostly Used?

                              Extremes are the basics of brilliant animation.
                              They are the most outward points in anime that involve action. It stresses motion. For example, a dancer can be put in a pose as though she will continue afterward and should not lose her balance.
                              The extremes guide the animator on how to manage the keyframes as well as the in-betweens.

                              Where else is The Term Extreme Used?

                              Extreme is a common word in the dictionary. It means reaching the furthest point of whatever one is doing or saying. An example of a sentence is the animation movie angry bird is extremely funny.
                              It also shows two things that are different from each other. An example of a sentence is; While Fredrick loves anime, Maria is on the extreme. She loves horror movies.

                              Fun Fact:

                              The other meaning of extreme from the dictionary is, two items in a syllogism could be the major or minor and are differentiated with a middle term. See, like in animation, where the beginning pose and the ending are contrasted by the in-between.

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                              Guillermo patricio 10.07.2022 at 06:48

                              good, I have doubts about the extremes and key poses, I have seen that in some short actions they don’t use extremes only key poses, breakdown and inbetween, and in others like the pendulum example they use extremes, breakdown and inbetween and they don’t count the key pose, that’s my doubt when to use extremes and when to use key passes.

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