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                              In-betweens are the drawings that come in the middle. That is, they are neither at the end nor the beginning of a pose.

                              Full Definition

                              In betweenining is the process of drawing or creating an in-between. In between, the short form is “tween” and, therefore, the short form of inbetweening “tweening”.

                              What is inbetweening? It is the process of forming a transitional frame between two separate objects. It aims to show the appearance of movement and evolution of the first drawing into the second. During in-betweening, there is the formation of a middle frame which we are calling the in-betweens. The function of the in-betweens is to ensure the illusion of the fluid motion.

                              Where are in-betweens Mostly Used?

                              In animation, tweening is common. The creation of In-betweens is to help in the tweening process and completion of the animation process. In-Betweening is the process of placing two images as keyframes for the discovery of the one in between. The animators who create in-betweens are known as inbetweeners.

                              Illustration that explains the term In-betweens

                              Creating in-betweens can be done through software or manually. Animators will prefer manual processes because they have better control of the operations.

                              Note that:

                              If the animation does not have in-betweens, then it appears jittery. The poses at the beginning and the end tell the animator how the in-betweens should appear.

                              Where else is The Term In-betweens Used?

                              Anyone who speaks English has used the term in between in their lifetime. Other than providing fluid in animation, in between means located between two things or in shorter words, intermediary. An example of a sentence, Tom and Jerry sit in between Patrick and SpongeBob.
                              The term in between in animation is not far from the term used in other industries. After all, it is a drawing that is in between two keyframes.

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