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                              Green-screen editing

                              Green-screen editing

                              What is Green-screen editing?

                              Green Screen also known as Chromakey are essentially the same thing. It is a special visual effects and post-production technique that allows two images or videos to be layered together based on their color hues.

                              Green Screen allows video editors to isolate and remove a chosen color from footage and then replace it with another video or image. Chroma key and Green Screen are essentially the same things because they both work on the same principle. The term green screen gained prominence because the use of a green backdrop became a general practice. However, Green is chosen because of how distinct it is from human skin. Another color that is used is blue.

                              Green screenSource: Wevideo website

                              Chroma Key is also known by color keying, color-separation overlay, or by other various terms for specific color-related variants. It is important to remember that the process of chroma keying is not color specific and in fact, any color can be used in place of Green, as long as it is different from the objects being filmed in front of it.

                              Where do we use Green-screen editing?

                              Green screen has tons of uses in filmmaking and animation. Once a scene has been shot in front of the green screen, Animators take over. In this post-production stage, they use animation software to make the background color transparent, leaving only the actor and props. Then they edit the video and use special software to animate backgrounds or separately filmed footage or image and put it exactly where the green screen would have been. This process is entirely computer-generated and requires highly skilled Animators and CGI Experts. Films like The Avengers, Alice in Wonderland, The Hobbit, Avatar are almost entirely shot in front of Green Screens. With the constant innovations in technology, computers have made it much easier for people to do such animations.

                              Green-screen editing

                              Chromakeying is widely used in the motion picture, video games industries, and newscasting agencies as well. One of the most common uses of chroma key or green screen is in its use of weather forecasting. The anchorperson stands in front of the green screen and a map with animations of weather is presented in the background. It gives the illusion that the anchor is standing in front of a large screen that shows the weather.

                              You will find chroma keying technology in a lot of animations nowadays and it can help in making many animations feel lifelike. You can contact us further for more information on how we can use Green Screen for your projects here.

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