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                              Free Animation Software For Beginners: Big Review

                              Free Animation Software For Beginners: Big Review

                              Animation software allows designers to create moving graphics from files. Each program has different features, effects, sounds, and performance levels. With animation software, we are capable of crafting never seen before video games, animated films, television shows, and commercials. We know it could be overwhelming if you’re a beginner searching for a way to get started in animation. That’s why we put together this free animation software review. Check out some of the most popular animation software platforms below!


                              BiteAble is well-known for its simplicity in the world of animation. You can easily create video ads, infographics, and informative videos. For beginners, this program even has a library of templates that you can start with. New content is also uploaded to the library regularly on top of the thousands of photos and videos already present. Adding music could also be a useful tool along with adding text.

                              Menu of the program for creating Animation BiteAble

                              BiteAble is an excellent free choice if you’re looking to get your feet wet in animation. We recommend it if you’re learning the ropes because you can hit the ground running with a variety of layouts. If you wanted to make a learning concept or presentation for example, it’s painless to pick your style and add other elements such as animated blocks and sound as you go.

                              However, it’s important to note that the free version has a watermark on your work. You won’t have as many templates and you can’t upload your own footage until you get the paid version. Overall, it’s a solid starter choice and it’s what you’d expect from a free animation platform.


                              • Easy to use with drag and drop timeline
                              • Fantastic selection of pre designed templates
                              • Quality sound library


                              • Great for social media, but no official format or direct sharing option
                              • Can’t upload your own footage or add your own voice without a premium subscription
                              • So many options that it may slow down older devices


                              Unity is a whole package of various animation tools that you can primarily use for games. The platform uses C# as a scripting language and the free version has good capabilities without limiting your work too much. A strong selling point is how adaptable Unity is. It can be run on Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, and even gaming consoles.

                              As for beginners, Unity won’t be leaving you in the dust, forcing you to work from scratch. The Asset Store is loaded with free 3D models and areas. There’s already plenty of character movement animations to choose from so you can start applying them without much experience at all. If you’re looking to make a game with phenomenal graphics, Unity is worth a try.

                              Screenshot from Unity - Animation software

                              You can instantly playback graphics, tweak your highlights, shadows, and saturation, and fiddle with different camera angles pretty easily. Not to mention, the drag and drop timeline feature lets you blend clips with smooth transactions. While Unity is still growing, it could make a major splash in 3D gaming animation in the years to come.


                              • Lots of support with 3D plugins
                              • C# is easy to learn
                              • No significant limitations in the free version
                              • The overall interface is simple to use but is tailored to both pros and newcomers


                              • Can’t test game in full-screen mode
                              • Very unique physics system that takes getting used to
                              • Navigation with libraries and windows could be complex at first

                              Adobe After Effects

                              Videographers in need of special effects can always check out the reliable Adobe After Effects. It’s been around for nearly 30 years and is one of the titans of video editing platforms. After Effects is a cloud-based app, so to get it through the Adobe cloud via subscription. You can use the free trial for 7 days before switching to a paid subscription.

                              What videographers will notice right away, is how snappy the user interface is. After Effects is built with stability and responsiveness and delivers wonderful special effects and animated graphics. There is a lot of integration with the After Effects platform. You have an outstanding variety of plugins and presets, which could spark your project quickly. If you need layering capabilities, After Effects might just be the best platform for combining 2D and 3D elements. A few additional features include scripting (for automated tasks), virtual reality capability, and lots of customization (for a personalized editing experience).

                              Spectacular Animations created in Adobe After Effects

                              It’s important to note that Adobe won’t let you make a one-time purchase and you only have a 7-day free trial. If you like After Effects, you’ll have to pay the subscription. Overall, After Effects is loaded with features, has excellent animation performance, and has a reputation for reliability.


                              • Compatibility with Windows and Mac
                              • Very fast and minimal crashes or lagging
                              • The fully customizable editing interface
                              • 3D and 2D capabilities


                              • Not so free after 7 days and you’ll have to renew your subscription through Adobe
                              • Lots of resources, support, and tutorials available, but a steeper learning curve than other platforms


                              Blender is an open-source 3D creation platform built for video edits and making games. It specializes in 3D modeling, rigging, and rendering along with plenty of other elements. Blender is completely free and is known as a jack-of-all-trades suite in the animation community. Since it’s open-source, you can use Blender with Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

                              If you couldn’t tell, Blender specializes more in the 3D side of animations. Anything on the 3D pipeline can be done with a relatively easy learning curve. There’s a built-in compositor so you never have to switch platforms as you render and you could import your own footage too. Sculpting and editing your models is ridiculously easy to learn with Blender’s tools, and you can get your character moving with simple keyframing.

                              What a Blender picture looks like

                              Generally, Blender is a good program to use if you have the right purpose (3D modeling). It can do anything that a paid platform could do and there are plenty of tutorials out there if you need help.


                              • Well-rounded 3D functions and tools
                              • Fast, optimized, and powerful 3D suite
                              • Open-source


                              • Lack of external support – This could matter to you based on your design style
                              • While it’s a jack-of-all-trades 3D suite, it’s not particularly great at any function
                              • Lots of software updates, so expect to adapt to them over time

                              Animation is rapidly growing and the variety of free programs can only stand for that fact. Gaining knowledge and practice – that`s what the services mentioned above are perfect for. Otherwise, ordering animation from the studio of professionals that will take care not only of animation but of the whole creation process – that`s what will gain you a strong resullt.

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