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2D animation vs 3D animation

2D animation vs 3D animation

What are the first thoughts that appear in your mind when you hear Animation? We tend to perceive the term “animation” as a method through which are creating cartoons like Walt Disney, Pixar, etc, isn’t it?

Although, for real 2D animation mostly is used for the creation of cartoons, but gradually is being considered as a great tool for marketing technologies and 2D images. Throughout the medium of 2D and 3D animation, it can be effective to develop the business and content plan. Besides, if you use animated videos, your brand will be more recognizable. You obtain the ability to create different things in order to furnish the world of marketing with VMG’s mascot Chester (a dragon cat).

An outstanding example of functioning 3D and 2D animation is present in this video made by Darvideo.

The clip provides your eyes with all the magnificent capacity that posses the 3D animation world. That helps to enhance your content plan and develop and improve your own business.

2D animation

It can be concluded that there is no room for doubts that it is a good approach to achieve significant gains by utilizing two main styles of animation 2D and 3D. But it is important to be acquainted not only with the benefits that you will receive but also with some disadvantages for the business.

The most common style of animation now is 2D. The style that creates movements in a two-dimensional space. Even though 3D animation is more common to use nowadays, but in spite of that the modern animation companies still carry out 2d animation procedures in order to make 3D objects more detailed and dynamic.

The advantages that the 2D animation style represents there are a lot. By and large, this type of animation can be easy to upgrade especially compared to live video action due to the fact that 2D animation has a less complicated structure than the 3d dimension. One more significant item that animated videos have is longer shelf life.

Naturally, creating animated videos take plenty of time and requires much effort to produce, it depends on the length and complexity of the video. 2D animation is considered as a kind of video that is the less cumbersome process so the time limit for producing it as a rule shorter because the animation has a simple structure, so to say ‘’flat image’’. In order to while away the time of elaborating the project of animated videos it better to do it in the stage of making storyboards and style frames by prompting and feedback.

Also, it is vital to note that in 2D animation you can obtain benefits from this on the economic side. Even though it can be lucrative for your business and your pocket. It is no secret that 2D animation is simpler to produce and costs much less than 3D animation which is obvious. The main factors that have an influence on the price are the length of the video, the number of details, and the quality of them, music, design, etc.

Another advantage that you can find in 2D animation is the capacity of transforming it into static graphic design elements. You can do it without problems in a very easy way. It includes plenty of different items such as infographics, business cards. Postcards or website assets.

To sum it up, in comparison with 3D animation 2D style can seem at first glance as ordinary and a little bit bored. The main reason for that consists that you are restricted from getting a full 3 dimension view and from some interesting tricks.

Whereas you can still keep elaborating marvelous 2D assets through which you can lure the audience with beautiful content but it cannot delight the audience as much as 3D animation.

After discussing the 2D animation style, it is high time to make a smooth transition to 3D animation and the advantages that it has.

3D animation

Nowadays, 3D animation is used in the world so often and the bulk of people prefer to assimilate information by watching videos than reading content. This kind of animation functions based on graphics that are elaborated in a 3 dimension world.

Using this way for increasing your business recognition you make your public be more exciting and can easily catch the attention of them. In some cases, it seems like you can´t find the difference between animation and real life. In front of you are opening a lot of possibilities to create the best character, 3D objects, or scenes with great visual effects.

So, if you decided to utilize a method of producing explainer videos in order to promote your own business there will be plenty of opportunities to make your videos more dynamic and create 3D imagery and visual storytelling. In this way, without doubt, you will receive the amount of watching than ever before, which is a great advantage.

Another benefit of 3D animation style includes that it can be used for interactive options similar to how 2D style can be transformed into digital and marketing materials. For instance, if you want to explain something on your website via videos it’s much easier to pass a full view of your image to the audience. By the way, research has shown that interactive media can increase views several times.

When comparing 2D animation with 3D, definitely the first option takes less time to produce and is much less than the cost for the second one.

Nevertheless, it’s worth spending a little bit more because the 3D animation style is dynamic, engaging and you can improve the quality of your brand or website.

Also, the overall statistics indicate the percentage of Return On Investment (ROI) will increase through the use of the help of the videos. Besides, the videos give you a significant return on your investment. In addition, animation has a long shelf life and is capable of being easily upgraded thus the investment of yours in an animated video will go further.

Let’s talk about sharing the business video on the Web because it is an essential part of social media´s world. Practically every minute the people public their videos on Facebook and Twitter and their number reached 1000. For example, your video can be shared by any other person it could be your partners, like-minded, etc. If your marketing videos are all necessary that people can learn and if you achieve to solicit their interest and finally if people like what they watch, your fruit will rapidly make a name for itself. It would mean that you are on the right track to establishing your own business.

To conclude, 3D animation plays a key role in the creation of content and business plans that help you to broaden the maximum of potential and ideas that you want to implement in your content marketing.


Imagine, in front of you lies coloring book and you want to paint two men who appeared on one page of it. Obviously that you are not going to do it with one similar color, you have to select different colors, green, red, and many more, in order to make it more detailed and stylish. The same situation deals with animation, there are plenty of styles of animation and various functions to utilize.

In brief, if to distinguish between 2D and 3D animation, everything looks very simple. 2D animation shows the flat image at a time when 3D style represents the view of a 3dimensional environment.

Speaking about marketing video, there is no balance of having one option regarding style, timeline, etc. The zest of that lies in having many animation options by which you can find the best style that fits the most.

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