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                              Ink and Paint

                              What is Ink and Paint?

                              Have you heard of ink and paint? If you have, probably in other field areas. In the world of animation, ink and color is a production process.

                              The term ink and paint means the production process in which animators paint frames by inking drawings and coloring them with black ink. Note that, over time, technology has allowed animators to introduce a broader range of colors other than black.

                              Ink and paint are drawing animations on a piece of paper and color celluloid sheets or cells. The process goes like cleaning the paper, inking the animation frame, and finally painting. After inking, this drawing is photographed under a special camera whose name is a rostrum camera. The sheet is then painted and dried up.

                              In the digital era, ink and paint are now less tedious. Digital ink and paint is the process of scanning animation drawings and coloring them with some software tools. Digital ink and paint came to perfect the work of animators by allowing them to be more creative.

                              Where are ink and paint mostly used?

                              Animators use traditional ink and paint to make animated films. An example of a movie done through ink and paint is “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

                              Ink and paint are now overtaken by other animation methods due to the tedious labor involved. Before the digital era, studios like Disney had embraced it in making some of their films.

                              Digital ink and paint are now famous among animators because of how fast it is and its flexibility to allow artists to change colors.

                              Where else is the term ink and paint used?

                              Another industry that uses the term Ink and paint term is the world of fine arts. Ink writes or draws with a pen or a quill. Paint is for coloring drawings and objects with a brush. Other than animators, artists and illustrators use ink and paint.

                              Note that:

                              Traditional ink and paint is no longer a process that is taken into consideration in the animation world.

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