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                              NFT animated video

                              NFT animated video

                              NFT is a non-fungible token that is stored on a digital ledger and is unique and non-interchangeable. The cryptocurrency Bitcoins can be exchanged as opposed to an NFT. NFT is part of the Etherum blockchain which is a cryptocurrency and a platform as well. NFTs can be linked to digital items like photos, animated videos, digital artworks, tweets, audios, and other unique digital items. It is much like owning a physical object with its exclusive rights but in its digital form.

                              NFT’s have special codes attached to them, which verify the ownership and preserve the true value of animated videos. While digital art is very easy to replicate with the right tools and skills, the copies of animated art will not hold the same value as the original piece itself. Hence, NFTs are a great opportunity for creators and artists as it lets them monetize their labor without involving traditional financial institutions. Royalties are also easily established through NFTs, as every time you sign a Smart Contract, royalty arrangements are established along with your crypto art. So, whenever a transaction takes place both parties gain privileges.

                              Making an animated video and presenting it in the form of an NFT makes it unique and completely legitimate. Cryptocurrency offers a decentralized marketplace for animators outside your marketplace. This means that if you create an NFT for your business you are bound to attract more clients. It also allows you to safely earn more. We have chosen a few examples of NFTs below that will amaze you at just how simple they are and still sell for a handsome amount of money.

                              The Nyan Cat, the animated cat with a Pop-Tart body and a rainbow trail NFT was sold for about $580,000.

                              Another example of an NFT video is The Gucci Ghost that sold for $3,600.

                              The Gucci Ghost - NFT video

                              The next NFT in our list is an NBA Top Shot featuring a LeBron James dunk which sold for a whopping $400,000 at auction.

                              If you are interested in making and selling an animated video as an NFT that can be profitable for your business you first will have to get a digital wallet that stores NFTs and then choose a specific marketplace. Some marketplaces charge gas money for storing the NFT, so explore all your options before settling on one. Now you are ready to create your animated video and sell it! Don’t forget to contact Darvideo for making your animated video. Our experts can help you in bringing your vision to life. Feel free to contact us here.

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