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                              How animated videos can be NFT

                              How animated video can be NFT?

                              The explosion of crypto news that happened quite recently left many people dazzled. First of all, Elon Musk would say something in regard to blockchain, and a few words turned out to be enough for digital money to skyrocket its price. Amazing, right? However, that is not all. Let’s learn what is NFT animated video.

                              Crypto folks are moving across the land of digital money here and there intensely. I’ll tell you more: new destinations appear all the time. Literary, all the time.

                              For example, not that long ago all of us – or maybe most of us – probably felt strangely interested in the fact that Grimes – a musician that is quite close to the guy we already mentioned in this article – was getting millions of dollars for NFTs. Later the founder of Twitter stepped up into this game and autographed a tweet…and made it on sale as NFT. Finally, worlds have gone mad: Merriam-Webster Selling Definition “NFT” As NFT. Okay, okay, let’s just stop here for a moment. What the heck is this NFT?

                              First of all, NFT stands for Non-fungible token. It doesn’t make anything clear, right? Bear with me here. Its meaning is quite simple: Non-fungible token represents something unique, something that can’t be exchanged by another object. If we make an animated video, startup video or something else related to animation, we can create NFT for it. Gotcha?

                              Bitcoin ( that is promoted by Elon Musk’s verbal movement, let’s put it like that :)) is fungible — you can replace it with another one, and there is no difference for you. However, one of a kind thing, like the word “NFT” in the well-respected-top-of-notch dictionary is non-fungible. You can’t replace it.

                              “NFT”, Everydays: The First 5000 Days, value at the time of sale - $ 69 millionEverydays: The First 5000 Days, value at the time of sale – $ 69 million

                              How does it work?

                              NFT is not standing on its own, it is actually a part of the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum? Yes, Ethereum is a cryptocurrency, like bitcoin, but it is also a platform that helps traders to make transactions.

                              Essentially speaking, NFTs are very much like owning a physical object, but in its digital shape. Instead of buying a real thing, you are getting a digital equivalent of it. You become an owner with exclusive rights to the object.

                              This is another thrilling part of NFT: there is only one owner to be.

                              “NFT” CryptoPunkCryptoPunk №3100, value at time of sale – $ 7.58 million

                              Here’s a simple (and marvelous, wait, you are going to admit that) example: if we in Darvideo Animation Studio would decide to make a 3D animated video about NFT and sell it as a real NFT, you’d be the only owner of such a masterpiece. Well, if you would buy it, of course. However, no one can deprive you of such a thing, once you have it.

                              Something to note: you can always download an image of some of Van Gogh’s paintings or even purchase a very good copy of it. But. The owner of the original version is always one person. Some lucky guy or some lucky girl.

                              Such circumstances NFT recreates for modern art (but can be anything, it is not limited to art only).

                              Would you like to start your own digital art collection? NFT allows you to do that.

                               Animated works of art sold as "NFT"NFT, available for purchase

                              How exactly can an animated video be NFT?

                              NFTs are a great opportunity for creators, artists and basically everyone who works in the creative industry to monetize the outcomes of their labors without using traditional financial institutions. How?

                              For example, if you are a painter or digital artist or designer, you can be on your own. There is no need to look for common ways to gain some money from your professional activity. Now you can sell it as an NFT.

                              "NFT", animated character Dragon catThis is Dragon, and he is the most expensive crypto cat in the world

                              As you might figure it out, in our age of constant recreating and postmodern copying everything, making something as an NFT is putting a label – “this is unique”. If we make an animated video and present it in the form of NFT, its uniqueness becomes completely legitimate.

                              If you are making animation, too, here is a small pick for you:

                              • Get a digital wallet that allows you to store NFTs and cryptocurrencies;
                              • Choose a marketplace. This is the place where you are going to list your NFT.
                              • Create the NFT!

                              Any animated video can be NFT.

                              Crossroads, value at the time of sale – $ 6.6 million

                              Can you sell me this article as NFT?

                              Well… if you guys insist… Yes, we can make it NFT, but it’s just an article at the moment. However, since it is digital, we can tokenize it and respectfully hand it to your collection (if you have one). For what it’s worth, make a request!

                              Some afterthoughts

                              You have to agree with me here: the animation video as NFT sounds cool in the extreme. Even if you don’t want to be on the same page, open your ear to the outside world. After that people have spent more than $200 million buying NFTs ( including not only cool artworks like animation videos that we suggested but also internet junk like memes and GIFs) during this year. Above all, compare this with 2020 and $250 million for the whole year.

                              This clearly indicates that this technology is going to be a great part of the future. And, again: would you like to have an animated video as NFT? make a request!

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                              It is interesting to learn about current trends. Thank you for writing everything down in such detail. Now I know all the news!

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