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                              Spine Animation

                              What is Spine animation?

                              Spine animation is an animation created by a Spine – tool that focuses specifically on 2D animation. Mostly, for games. Spine aims to have an efficient workflow, both for creating animations and for working with those animations in games.

                              How is spine animation being created?

                              Animating with the Spine in simple words happens by attaching images to bones. Then, animating the bones. The traditional animation workflow needs an enormous amount of space, when Spine animations are tiny, looking good, and provide much more mileage from the same art.

                              What are the powerful features of the Spine?

                              • A simplified user interface makes your learning curve intuitive and easy.

                              Spine itself focuses only on the important task of skeletal animation and allows you to make it simple.

                              •  Integration libraries support most engines

                              Working with the Spine tool is not just about creating your animation. The Spine provides integration of 14 major engines including GameMaker Studio, Cocos2Dx, LOVE, MonoGame, Unity, and much more. That allows you to integrate your animations and their time into your games.

                              • Spine modules for creating an organically looking animation

                              Spine added modules to give unique shape and refine to our game, bend images with weights and skinning, visualize motion with new characters and produce the 3d effect.

                              • Meshes allow images to fend and deform in a realistic way.

                              Thus, the images are attached to bones, once the bones are animating – the whole image is deformed automatically.

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