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                              Squash and Stretch

                              What is Squash and Stretch?

                              Squash and stretch is a term used in the field of animation. It is among the leading and core principles of animation. Here is a fun fact before we get to know what it means, squash and Stretch was a technique invented by Disney studio.

                              Definition Squash and Stretch

                              Squash and stretch is a drawing method used by animators to show hyperbolical movements in characters. Squash and stretch is a critical principle of animation that deals with how a character moves.

                              What do hyperbolical movements mean? Well, it means exaggerated. The reason is that if an animator wants to show a character jumping, they will draw them as though squashed and then stretch them. Squash and stretch prevent rigidity or stiffness to the motion. It allows for a feeling of flexibility and elasticity to your animation. The principle of squash and stretch means that the stronger the squeeze and squash, the bouncier the film will be.

                              Apart from giving life to the animation, squash and stretch assist you to communicate with the audience the type of material that is an object.

                              Squash and stretch are used in the animation field to give life and flexibility to characters or objects in the area. It provides the animation with drawing a reality effect.

                              Animators need to be cautiously skilled with how to squeeze or squash. Otherwise, when exaggerated, it may look like a lie. When under-done, it may still look rigid and stiff. The rule states that the volume of the object must remain the same.

                              Where else are the squash and stretch used?

                              When squash and squeeze is one term, it is only used in the animation department. However, when the two words are separated as independent words. Squash has so many meanings, from it being a sport to it being a fruit or vegetable. On the other hand, squeeze means to press something together by force. Like when you want to get toothpaste out of a toothpaste tube or fit in a small space.

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