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                              Stop-motion Animation

                              What is Stop-motion Animation?

                              Animation of any piece of multimedia involves the process of bringing still objects to life, which is mostly executed by means of making a series of still object photos with slight changes in their positioning, and then enacting a quick sequence of these photos to create the illusion of movement. The process of making such animation is referred to as the stop-motion animation; it is an old technique of creating motion used by filmmakers far back in the 1890s.

                              The principle of animation includes moving the object (e.g., a puppet) in small increments and taking a series of photographs from one perspective. Playing of all those frames in a sequence creates movement, and the film looks as if the miniatures and puppets on the photos are alive.

                              With the development of computer technology, the production of stop-motion animation became almost obsolete, since computer-generated images are both created and manipulated with the help of digital software without the need to photograph the objects and then process the images. However, the technique still possesses a set of advantages that CGIs cannot provide, so stop-motion animation is still used by some producers to achieve realistic textures and unique visual effects. For instance, stop-motion animation was widely used in Chicken Run, Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, and the 2009 animated movie Coraline.

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