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                              Storyboards are used as a graphic means of visualizing some content at the stage of initial production for the sake of getting a clearer idea of what it will look like as a result. The old silent films were mostly produced in the form of storyboards. The modern storyboarding process emerged in the early 1930s in the production studio of Walt Disney. Now it involves the creation of sequenced illustrations or images; the purpose of storyboarding is to view the planned sequence and special effects at the pre-production stage to introduce all needed changes early at the start of the production process and avoid unnecessary expenditures on later editing.

                              In other words, a storyboard represents a visual outline of the planned video; it is similar to a script with the only difference – the latter is text-based, while a storyboard is visual. While the process of video creation is challenging because the whole intention is only in the creator’s imagination until the last stages of production, the storyboarding technique can make it easier to communicate the idea to other participants of the production process. Storyboards vary by length and complexity; they are usually hand-drawn, but modern technology allows their creation via special computer software.

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