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                              Vjing is a term that refers to the selection and manipulation of imagery using technological inputs to enhance the quality of entertainment at concerts, nightclubs, music festivals, and other visual performance arts. Vjing often results in a live multimedia performance that features music, actors, and dancers. The term Vjing came into being in the New York club scene in the 70s, but the association with MTV’s Video Jockey made it famous. Either way, the manipulation or selection of visuals is an excellent aspect of the music industry.

                              It involves the real-time mix of content from storage media, including DVDs, VHS tapes, video files, and still image files on computer hard drives, live camera input, and more. Besides selecting and manipulating media files, Vjing also includes real-time processing of the visual material.

                              Uses and Benefits

                              Vjing finds its use in the entertainment industry at concerts, nightclubs, and other visual performance arts. Vjing uses technological mediation to select and manipulate imagery in real-time to enhance the quality of entertainment for various audiences.


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                              Here are some of its benefits:

                              • It enables you to understand audio and visuals: It is critical to know how to manipulate visuals and sync them with music. Doing it helps you sharpen your skills over time.
                              • Familiarity with various tools and resources: To be a successful Vj, you must familiarise yourself with various tools and resources to use. Besides, it helps VJs to know how to find the best tools at affordable prices. For instance, they can consider security cameras because they’re cheap and plentiful.
                              • Varieties of specialization options: Vjing is a broader umbrella with various audiovisual disciplines. Vjs can choose what suits them best—whether live cinema or a combination of digital and physical media, the options are limitless. But you have to start somewhere first, gather the necessary experience, then narrow down your focus.

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