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                              White Label Explainer Video

                              White label explainer videos are created by production houses or studios and later sold to agencies who retain the full rights. Once white label explainer videos are sold, the credits and ownership are all passed on to the buyer. Studios and production houses often offer these videos as a production service to expand their network of clients.

                              Making use of white-label videos gives customers all the rights and credits to the video without the hassle of having to create the videos themselves. This saves you both time and money and allows you to concentrate on keeping your clients happy.

                              It is the same as using a ghost-writer. The animators create the video for you. Customers can then put their name on it as they now own it, including all rights and credits. This allows these customers to increase their business services portfolio.

                              White Label Explainer Video, created by Darvideo Studio

                              How To Create a White Label Explainer Video?

                              Animators are given a specific script to work within which they use their rare and highly specialized skills to create commissioned videos. These videos are created in collaboration with the client from start to finish. White label explainer videos are animated videos used to illustrate specific topics or messages. These videos and the rights of use are not registered to the commissioned animator but rather to the customer buying the white label explainer video.

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