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                              10 Steps How To Make Classy Animated Explainer Video

                              Today you will learn 10 simple steps how to make a super-efficient animated explainer video

                              1. Idea

                              All starts for a good idea.

                              You will definitely find an exciting idea if discard first 10 commonplace ideas that have come to your head. If they appeared in your mind had obviously come to many other people too. So be critical to yourself and don’t avoid daring decisions!

                              2. Script

                              Idea is not a script. To make a captivating script, you should develop a story.

                              A greatly told story will keep your viewer’s attention during all the video. So keep the intrigue until the very end. If you want a video to be commercially attractive, apply you your viewers’ or clients’ problems and show the best solutions of them.

                              3. Styles research

                              Follow the style that inspires you or develop your own.

                              There are a lot of different styles and formats. Make your own research and watch best practices. It can be flat, whiteboard, infographics, character animation or cartooning. Feel the one that fits your story best.

                              4. Storyboard

                              A storyboard will make a proper picture of the future animated video.

                              Be a hard worker while creating a storyboard. It will be the basic for the visual part of the video. Find the best camera views and angles, as well as characters’ emotions and actions.

                              5. Drawing

                              Drawing stage is just amazing. You create the world scene by scene.

                              Best way to start is to make characters and making figures. Next – move to landscapes and surroundings. Finalize with drawing objects and infographical elements.

                              6. Voice Over and Music

                              This is about how the video sounds.

                              Only a correctly chosen professional Voice Over talent will add the videos special oomph and uniqueness. Important thing is that in commercials and explainer videos the voice will lead your clients to needed «Call to Actions». Music will help to feel better the atmosphere of the story.

                              7. Animatic (Draft animation)

                              Animatic is a must have stage for every animated video.

                              This stage gives you a good imagination of what will be happening in the final video. Also it is a super draft animation, I helps you to avoid mistakes on the next stages.

                              8. Animation

                              Everything starts to move and here the magic comes!

                              It is probably the most meticulous production stage. Every single element object, joint, element, title should act. Especially significant is character animation. And of course don’t forget to follow Walt Disney’s 12 Basic Principles of Animation!

                              9. Sound Design

                              Sound design is a special feature of a good animated videos and helps to focus attention on the key messages

                              Adding ambience sounds and sound effects makes the video completed and looking high-ended.

                              10. Posting and Broadcast

                              When the videos is done – share it with your audience

                              A sipid title and well matching description and keywords will pronouncedly make the video easy to find and attract a desired audience.

                              Now you know how to make animated videos. Be persistent and you will definitely succeed!

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