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                              7 Ways to Avoid Mistakes When Ordering an Animated Video for the First Time

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                              Statistics show that video content rules the internet due to its multi-purposes and engagement with the audience. It is about time for you to decide on your own promotional animated explainer video. Why use a video? Blog posts or walls of text are less likely to be read by an audience.

                              Video is one of the best ways of storytelling, which has been recognized as an effective marketing approach. Today, Facebook generates at about eight billion video views per day and YouTube shows that 100% consumption increases annually. According to these numbers, companies start to plan their marketing budgets with video production in mind. Creating a YouTube account is not enough. One should make good videos and have a vivid and strong content plan to follow. Everyday, the internet is full of various videos and if you want to be effective, you should have a deep knowledge of your company’s strong points, unique services or products, and appealing ideas for numerous explainer videos to create a following among your potential and returning customers, and while increase conversions.

                              Audiences choose valuable content. Today, people are watching videos not just for fun but to learn something new and educational. It can be news, science, commerce, and even simple cooking and household advice, but all the videos have a pronounced topic and goal. Moreover, every video is supposed to have feedback that will help you to analyze your audience preferences and further marketing strategy.

                              To make it easy for you to understand, we, in Darvideo Animated Studio, have decided to make a brief overview with seven ways to avoid mistakes when ordering an animated video for the first time and how to boost your sales using video content.  

                              Only Your Audience Can Judge Your Content

                              If you want your video to be effective and attention-grabbing, you should always be focused on your targeted audience and its preferences.

                              “But if I listen to my every client, I may never get the right product”, you can say and you will be absolutely right. If you listen to every single client, your product or service might never be perfect. But that is not the main point you should focus on.

                              The thing you need to concentrate around is your product and its value for your clients. That is why you need to know them: to understand what problems or issues they might have while using your product or service. Before you launch the product you should always test it; the more people you involve, the better (that will give accurate test results). Therefore, while creating a video, you should put your clients at the center and focus around their needs. This individual approach will help you to achieve the highest results and make your video not only interesting to watch, but useful as well.

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                              Yes, you can always try and focus on videos that will target everybody. However, it’s never a good idea and the final result might disappoint you because your videos can get a lot of attention but will be forgotten immediately after you’ve posted them onto social networks and other advertising sites. Without having some basic notion of how to target your audience, your videos will be chaotic and confusing.

                              But how can one study its targeted audience?

                              Here is some advice about how to make your videos more engaging:

                              1) Take a look at people from different generations. The modern world makes products and services for all people, however not all people understand how to use, or what to do with these products. So you need to speak the language of your clients. Now, there are four main types of generations: Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z.

                              2) Create an audience portrait:

                              • age and gender
                              • location (geographical)
                              • basic needs in your product/service
                              • occupation

                              All these points will also help you to determine the perfect timing for posting.

                              3) Work with your social media channels and their audience. Ask them about existing problems, pain points, etc. Having all these facts will help you make a general and very consistent analysis, which will help you identify the type of video content you should create.

                              Speak Only About Things You Are an Expert In

                              While making a video script, describe the level of your expertise. In other words, speak about things you are good at. Do not invent anything new, but deliver your message to the general audience in a clear and simple manner. There are several types of popular video content today:

                              A tutorial. This format is in great demand and is extremely popular. According to BBC, in 2018, people throughout the world have watched on average one million beauty tutorials each day. Why? They are informing, engaging and easy to watch.

                              A podcast. A type of video to show your proficiency in a certain matter. Don’t underestimate podcasts: according to Entrepreneur, 1 out of 4 Americans listen to podcasts every day while on their way to work or in their free time. It’s a great format to invest your time and creativity into.

                              Today, YouTube has over fifteen video categories: Family Entertainment, Comedy, Education and Beauty & Fashion, etc. Learn all these categories and see which is best for your product and your audience.

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                              Size Means Everything and So Does Length

                              If you want to boost your sales and have the most effective video, learn the “perfect” time for the video content on various platforms:

                              • Instagram – 30 seconds up to 1 minute
                              • Twitter – 45 seconds
                              • Facebook – 1 minute
                              • YouTube – 2 minutes. It is important to differentiate that 2 min is an average length for YouTube videos that don’t bring substantial value (like cats and dogs etc). Nevertheless, YouTube is still one of the best platforms for a long video, as long as they bring a client’s value.

                              Having these numbers and timing measures, you can easily adapt your videos and make them interesting to watch at all possible popular platforms.

                              Find the Right Platform for Your Video Content

                              As you can see from the above block about timing, each platform has its own requirements about the perfect length of videos, but not revery duration is crucial. Let’s talk about the type of content you want to produce to make the right video.

                              • Facebook – the audience prefers videos that are short and informative or have an element of fun to them. These videos should also work without sound, but the message should still be clear.
                              • Instagram allows more creative formats like visually-pleasing teasers, behind-the-scenes and loop videos.
                              • Twitter is also perfect for teasers and short informative videos, but you can also attach full-length video content.
                              • YouTube is the only platform that is perfect for any format of video content.

                              Of course, you can choose multiple platforms to post your videos, but you won’t get the same positive result on all of them. Each platform has its own peculiarities that you should always take into account. Yes, there are possibilities to post a ten-minute video to YouTube and Instagram, but will your users watch them equally?

                              Video Scripts Should Be To The Point

                              Despite your desire to be creative and spontaneous, it’s not the best idea, if you’re serious about creating video content. That’s why you need a script that will serve as a blueprint for your video production process.

                              As we’ve already figured out the key components for the script (audience, format, and length of the video), it’s also necessary to point out some tricks that will help you create killer video content. Animaker lists 3 following core elements of the video script:

                              • The hook – something that will grab a viewer’s attention from the first second.
                              • The patty – the story that serves as the foundation for your video.
                              • Call to action – your final words inviting a viewer to subscribe to your channel or follow you on social media.

                              Audiences Always Crave a Story

                              The story engages a viewer from the very beginning of a video. That’s why it has become one of the most powerful strategies in marketing. According to Medium, large amounts of information become easier to digest in a narrative. Effective video storytelling must include the following components:

                              Get a behind-the-scenes speaker to narrate your story. Don’t write it like in a PowerPoint presentation. Put it into your viewers’ ears, not just their eyes. Start from catching your viewer’s attention. Go straight to the subject and keep up with it till the end while emphasizing the idea behind it. Appeal to a certain emotion from the very beginning. Make your viewers feel a certain way and intensify the emotion as the video goes on.

                              Good storytelling always wins attention. A good story always awakens the right emotions and makes a viewer watch from the beginning to the very end.

                              Consistency Keeps Viewers Engaged

                              Consistency is one of the crucial factors for keeping your audience engaged in your videos. The consistency of a video itself depends on how well you create a script for it. It’s absolutely important to make sure that events in your video follow each other consistently.

                              However, consistency also means planning your video content and posting it on a regular basis. Viewers often positively respond to the content if it’s posted regularly and on time.

                              How often should you post your video content? It depends on how long you work with content. If you’re a beginner, it’s enough to post two videos a week, and as you develop your video production skills, you can post more often. However, it also depends on the length of your content. But no matter how much content you want to post, you need to keep it coming on a consistent schedule.

                              Why you need to collaborate with Darvideo Animated Studios

                              Seven ways to avoid mistakes while ordering an animated video for the first time is a shortlist of basic advice one should follow when producing the video. But perfect video content is all about your time, effort and desire to make your brand an ultimate problem solver. Darvideo Animation Studio has the necessary experience and groundbreaking technique that allows creating the most engaging video content for multiple platforms at the most reasonable budget. We know how to produce and we know how to present your service or product in the most favorable light.

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