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                              Animated Explainer Video in COVID Times

                              Animated Explainer Video in COVID Times

                              The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled businesses of all sizes to transition online to showcase their products and services. Today, digital presence is no longer an option, and if your business is not online, you’re losing customers.

                              Business owners are increasingly relying on digital marketing to promote their businesses during these difficult times. They use video marketing as part of their overall digital marketing strategy because it’s a great medium to capture their audience’s attention.

                              But live-action video production can seem challenging because of social distancing measures, which is where animated video enters the picture. If you are not sure what type of content you should create during COVID, animation video is a perfect option.

                              Animated explainer video has proved to be an effective marketing tool that can help you make lasting connections with your potential customers. That’s why you should definitely consider using them in your business video marketing strategy.

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                              What Is an Explainer Video?

                              It’s a short and informative video that explains things in a colorful, playful, and engaging way. Typically, 2d animation explainer video can last between 30 seconds and 3 minutes. Explainer videos use storytelling to explain complex processes, products, services, or other elements of a business.

                              During the Coronavirus lockdown, video is one of the most engaging mediums you can use to communicate your brand message to your audience – introduce yourself, quickly explain what you do, how you can help your customers to solve their problems, and why they should support your brand. That’s why animated explainer videos are especially popular for startups.

                              Animated videos easily grab people’s attention and often go viral, for example, like an animated video about COVID prevention, because they combine the best of all content worlds – visuals, text, and sound. Wondering why explainer videos work? Consider the following:

                              • They are easier to digest because viewers can process information through both visual and auditory channels.
                              • They grab viewers’ attention for a longer span than other types of content.
                              • They provide an emotional experience for viewers through the voice over, engaging music, and eye-catching visuals.
                              • They are entertaining to watch and give viewers a personal connection to what they are watching.
                              • They ensure consistent messaging, saving you time and resources because you can repurpose them everywhere you can.

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                              Why Use Animated Video in Marketing

                              There are many reasons why explainer videos are worth doing during COVID. Video animation content makes a great impact on your audience, providing them with important information that helps them decide whether they can benefit from your product or service. Besides, animated videos provide an effective and entertaining way to communicate big and complex ideas quickly.

                              If you are planning your digital marketing efforts at the time of COVID, explainer video is a must-have in your marketing mix, especially if you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all video option. Besides, both search engines and consumers love and prefer video content. Just take a look at these statistics data:

                              • More than 50% of consumers prefer to see videos from brands;
                              • 90% of consumers say that a video can help them when making a purchasing decision;
                              • More than 80% of the people are more likely to buy a product when they see explainer video.
                              • Websites with video content are 50 times more likely to be ranked higher on Google.

                              Top Ways to Use Animated Explainer Videos for Your Business

                              Animated explainer videos have a huge potential for video marketing during the Coronavirus outbreak. Your company can benefit from explainer videos at all stages of your customer buying life cycle from traffic generation to conversion to the retention and beyond.

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                              You can use them to help with a variety of important tasks:

                              • in advertising;
                              • on a website;
                              • on landing pages;
                              • as social media content;
                              • in emails sent to your clients and leads;
                              • as part of a presentation or sales pitch;
                              • as the announcement of the upcoming event.

                              Keep in mind that by investing your money, time, and effort into animated videos, you also invest in your audience’s entertainment and show that you care about them. If you do everything right, the viewers will not be able to take the eyes off until your video ends. That will evoke positive emotions in your customers and drive their loyalty.

                              Final Thought

                              What it comes to effective marketing tools during COVID, video animation has a particular value. You can use animated explainer videos to communicate a variety of things – explain your product or service, engage potential customers, and tell them about your business.

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                              Explainer videos will boost your website in search results, giving you an opportunity to get more traffic. Great animation videos are also easily sharable and allow you to reach and attract more people via different channels and make your message heard. It’s universal evergreen content that fits anywhere in the sales funnel, leaving no one indifferent and resulting in high ROI and higher conversion rates.

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