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                              Written by Julia Kotlyar

                              Corporate Animated Videos: why does each company need one?

                              Corporate Animated Videos: why does each company need one?

                              Corporate Videos are an extremely effective and widely used mode of relaying content within a business organization. They have the capability of delivering concise data in a few seconds and can gain popularity on social media rapidly. Corporate Video Content is also vital for an organization because it can garner a higher ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo as they consist of good-quality graphics. Businesses use Corporate Videos in many ways within their companies and one of the best forms of creating Corporate Videos out there is by combining Corporate Videos with animated videos.

                              As more and more of the world is being digitized from Small Organizations or Startups to full-fledged established Corporations, all are making use of animated videos in their businesses now. Animated videos are a great way of keeping the audience hooked to your content as everyone resonates quickly with these videos nowadays in one way or another. They are one of the proven ways of enhancing conversions and sales for your business. They can serve as effective strategies to adapt when you want to take your business to the next level. This is why now we see the majority of the companies using animated videos in their Corporate Sector.

                              What is a Corporate Animated Video?

                              Corporate Animated Videos are a branch of non-advertisement content created in the form of animation videos. These animation videos are used by corporations, businesses, companies, and/or organizations for various purposes and are published on the company’s web pages and social media outlets. They are even used as a tool for email marketing by various organizations. An important fact to remember is that the target audience is the employees, partners, and members of the company and not the clients of the brand.

                              The biggest advantage of including a Corporate Animated Video at your firm is it allows you to grab the attention of the viewer from the very start. These videos can be concise, but still, have much more impact than any ordinary video content. These animated videos are also a great success on social media as they have information condensed into smaller video chunks that are easily digestible by the target audience. Furthermore, big organizations are now making use of animated videos in their corporate sections to uplift the usually serious and calm environment of that sector to convey important messages. For example, “We are so different, but equal!” is an instructional video fashioned for Grafton’s employees that lets them know how they have to manage and behave in different working conditions. You can watch the video here.

                              How can you use Corporate Animated Videos in your Business?

                                  1. Convey information about the brand

                              A good Corporate Animated Video should clearly let the employees know what the brand is all about and share why it’s so unique. For instance, “What are the Spectrum possibilities?” is a video created for the American Internet and Service Provider company, Spectrum, that shares important facts about the company with its employees. You can watch the video here.

                              We at Darvideo Animation Studio made use of 2D Graphics for this Animated Explainer Video to highlight the achievements of Spectrum (USA). Using the latest animation techniques, we displayed all their vital facts and figures that will help them gather more consumers by keeping their staff up-to-date.

                              Companies also often use such animated videos to teach their employees about their new and existing products as well. They are a great tool to be utilized to inform your staff about the current market conditions and share customer testimonial videos. Also, they can be used to teach employees how to attract new customers and keep the existing ones loyal for longer. The animated video titled “New clients easily and quickly” crafted for ‘Exact Data’ is a great example that highlights just that. You can find more details here.

                                  2. What to expect at your new job?

                              Corporate Animated Videos should also let their target audience know what they need to expect at their new job. A good video example created by our studio is the animated video titled, “What awaits you at a new job?”. This video highlights the four stages of Contribution and what an employee has to go through as they are settling into their new responsibilities at their new job. You can watch the video here.

                                  3. Story of the company

                              Through such animated videos, organizations can inform their employees about various business elements and also let them know about their competitions. They can also notify them of how their company is doing better than their competitors and what future steps need to be taken. It is important to be noted here that these videos are not created to sell something, but instead to convey complex ideas, stories, and phenomena to the employees, partners, and members of the Organization. The Animated video titled, “The History of Carlsberg 🍺 Animated Video 🍺”, discusses the story of the Carlsberg Ukraine brand till now and how it made a name for itself in the first place. You can see the video here.

                                  4. Motivate employees

                              Brands also make use of unique Corporate Animated Videos to educate their employees on the corporate culture within the company, and its other aspects in general. Such videos are also used to motivate the employees of a company and productively guide them. The video titled “How to DESIGN your FUTURE?”, created for The Global Logic Company by our studio is a great example that discusses the term ‘motivation’ completely but yet manages to leave the viewers wanting more. You can find the video here.

                                  5. Train employees

                              In addition, organizations like to use Corporate Animated Videos to not only convey stories about the corporation but also to train their employees and update them on any safety precautions. The video, “What is Fire Safety Policy?”, showcases the rules and regulations of ‘The Global Logic Company’ and the policies that their employees must adhere to in case of a fire. Together with the instructions, the employees will also learn what is expected of them and what is prohibited in case a fire breaks out during working hours. The company made it compulsory for every employee to watch the video whilst joining the team. You can also find the video here.

                              Importance of Corporate Animated Videos

                              Corporate Animated Videos don’t have to be uninteresting but instead are designed in exciting ways to deliver otherwise considered tedious information that tends to lose the focus of the viewers if presented in the form of a speech. These videos deliver messages by connecting with the audience on a personal level. The Corporate Animated Video “Right thinking – path to success”, is aimed at discussing different types of thinking strategies and their impacts on the human mind and also its ability to be productive. This 270-second video makes use of 2D graphics with animation. You can watch the video here.

                              These videos are not advertisements of the company by any means but instead are a serious, informative, and visually strict animated product. They make use of a wide range of Animation technologies and styles. Professionals like us are now hired to come up with 2D or 3D Animations to convey the messages best.

                              Often companies hire Corporate Animated Video Production Houses that make use of the company’s marketing strategy and get in touch with their communication’s director to make content-specific Corporate Animated Videos. Throughout the span of running our studio ‘Darvideo Animated Explainer Video Studio’, we have successfully created numerous Corporate Animated Videos for various companies. We have tackled several subjects in our animated videos. These include the different aspects of the working process at companies, communication in companies, the rules of the communication, how to become a leader, how to respect others, and how to implement soft skills, etc.

                              For example, one of our renowned animated videos talks about the three types of ‘Confidence’ that help an individual succeed in a work environment. This corporate animated video made use of high-quality 2D graphics with character animation and was titled “Confidence – what is it?”. You may view it here.

                              Your Corporate Animated Video needs to be engaging and made in a way that attracts the audience. After you have an informative and attractive corporate video, you have to make sure to distribute it properly on all of your channels. Your video will only reach a well-defined target audience once you promote it on various platforms. You can take the help of popular video streaming platforms like YouTube to help it reach the audience you want. Furthermore, companies can also publish such videos on their websites and even send them through emails to everyone.


                              No matter what industry you are in, Corporate Animated Videos can be relevant to your organization too. They’re engaging and help simplify hard-to-understand concepts. Not only this, but Corporate Animated Videos are customizable too. This feature comes in handy when you have to edit and add into a pre-recorded video. It will be hard and it will also take more time to make changes to a video that has real humans in it, but if we have an Animated Video, then we can take the required steps quicker and in less time.

                              Animation doesn’t only serve as pretty visual content, but it helps in passing the company’s message across. It shows off your organization’s unique aspects and highlights its exceptional qualities.

                              You can take your communication to the next level with your target audience with the help of Corporate Animated Videos and we can help you do just that. We at Darvideo Animated Explainer Video Studio, understand that an organization needs to build and maintain its emotional connection with its employees, team members, and company partners to make its brand memorable and create a strong image. We can translate your vision into a Corporate Animation Video and help you achieve that. Our team consists of professionals that have been trained to handle all types of animated videos. We can increase your brand loyalty and assist you in growing your business further. So, feel free to get in touch with us for further questions.

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