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                              Onboarding videos for companies in a new digital reality

                              Onboarding videos for companies in a new digital reality

                              Usually, when it comes to a new video for the business it ends up with the idea that: “This video will increase the selling process and turn viewers into customers”. For sure it is important. However, as useful as creating an ads video about your company could be recruiting types of videos. They help you with employment brand efforts and simplify many processes at your corporation as education of new employees, team-building, and general (nonetheless important) information points. Let’s face it that videos can work both ways.

                              1. They could be a tool that encourages your potential clients to get in touch with your business – mostly that is why people make a video for their business
                              2. As well as they could help your business to work effectively from inside – that’s the part that is sometimes missed.

                              In this article, we are going to discuss drop-dead examples of videos that will help your company to digitalize internal and repeated processes like:

                              Find out how to simplify your company’s internal processes with the help of animated video.

                              People at the computer in the article about videos for companies

                              Onboarding Videos: why you should pay attention to them

                              According to Roy Mauer, a 2009 study by the Aberdeen Group of senior executives and HR staffing and recruiting functions found that companies with well-considered onboarding processes have an average employee retention rate of 86%. That is 30 points better than those without.

                              Why is onboarding needed?

                              Glad you asked. The value of well-executed onboarding employees, as HR`s say, leads to different levels of organizational commitment as well as higher job satisfaction. It’s quite logical that employees improve their job performance and at the same time improve the company’s well-being. A traditional onboarding process usually starts from the moment when a person walks through the door of the office and lasts a few months. In new digital reality, it’s a must to boost your company’s onboarding process and start it way before the person reaches his or her first day in the office.

                              Technology has a key role in improving the onboarding process for new hires. For a growing number of companies, a valid component of the non-traditional onboarding experience is animated video.

                              Company employees watch an animated video

                              Onboarding experience with the video offers several benefits, like

                              • The ability to communicate consistently.

                              That is especially useful when there are lots of office locations that are spread out.

                              • Educational possibility

                              A great instructional video for the hires could be a crucial factor in helping a new employee get up to speed with the way things are done at the organization.

                              • Video encourages shares

                              People seem ok with sharing well-crafted video content, thus, your employees will likely share your recruiting video on their LinkedIn or Facebook and boost the search for the new employee, as well as show themselves as fair workers.

                              • Engagement factor

                              Pandemic realities made our communication much more complicated, especially when it comes to first-time communication at work. In case you have a strategy for the e-onboarding process, the new person would be engaged in your company’s culture easily. He or she will capture nuances in the staff culture.

                              Let`s spotlight 4 examples of the onboarding videos that work.

                              №1 idea for an onboarding Video: “Welcome to the Team”

                              Did you know that job offers posted with video icons are viewed 12% more than job-posts without them?

                              Also, companies will receive a 34% greater application rate if they add a video to their job lists?

                              The guy is watching a training video about the company

                              To make a person feel that he or she wants to be a part of the team way before he hears from the Recruiter personally about all of the pros to be a part of it – that’s the main point. The next level of the “welcome to the team onboarding video” is to make the person feel like he is already a part of the team. Failure to modernize companies’ recruitment strategies in line with tons of technological trends, especially among millennials, can interfere with your firm’s ability to attract the brightest professionals.

                              This video message needs to demonstrate an engaging and collaborative type of your corporate culture, as that is exactly what employees are seeking in a company when staying for the long term.

                              * The onboarding videos are mostly for those companies going through growth or ones that always seem to have open requisitions. In case you have only a few jobs offers opened per year, the explainer video about your company would be more than enough to add to your job offer. You can read about types of videos at Darvideo by clicking right here: https://darvideo.tv/blog/animated-video-vs-real-shot-video-whats-right-for-your-business/

                              №2 idea for an onboarding Video: “Key Company Policies”

                              An important part of the onboarding processes is giving new starters an outline of essential company policies. In contrast with a lot of data being labyrinthine and elaborate in a text form, “policies” video could deliver a comprehensive message quickly and interactively. For example, it could include lots of infographics as infographic videos do and still be easy to perceive.


                              A cool example here could be a video by the Darvideo team that was created for Grafton Group plc (Ireland). The video shows the main nuances of corporate culture in this exact company in a friendly and engaging way.

                              №3 idea for an onboarding Video: “Job Skills Training”

                              For sure that is an important part of the onboarding process that may have the greatest impact on how a new employee does his job and day-to-day activities. Such types of training won’t cause an “information overload” that often follows the classic onboarding processes. Today, lots of employees from different spheres usually turn to YouTube videos to find information that helps solve a particular case or learn new skills. Be a friend and a reliable partner for your employees so they feel informed and confident about their knowledge.


                              Here is an example of a video created by Darvideo for the company that has found a solution to speed up the selling process and started to teach their sales managers via this video.

                              №4 idea for an onboarding Video: “Little Things Matter”

                              How often have you started a job at a new place only to realize that you’re not sure how to use the model of the photocopier at the office? Or that you are not sure where important documents usually are. That’s simple to create a series of video tutorials that you can not skip with the new worker but can explain in the video.


                              Another example of a cool company`s solution on a “little things” matter. GlobalLogic is a global company that came up with the idea to create a video about fire safety policies, which is obligatory to know in office buildings.

                              At last

                              In case we are stuck (in a good way) with the idea that showing is much more engaging than telling, lets some up what are the cases where you can implement a video to your company to reform your recruitment strategies:

                              • Personalize your company’s recruitment policies by sending out video messages to future employees where there is a job description as well as your company’s main features.
                              • You could provide new hires with educational videos about their job.
                              • Provide new employees with videos for payroll education insurance plan information, HR policies, policy explanations, small detailed explainers about the office tools, etc.

                              Just share your ideas regarding the onboarding videos you would like to have for your business and Darvideo Animation Studio will definitely do that for you!

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