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                              Why animated videos are so effective for education?

                              Why animated videos are so effective for education?

                              How do brands work out with the high-end competition? Is it worth it to spend money on production videos and motion designers?

                              Every minute, Facebook users upload hundreds of hours of clips to the platform. Obviously, marketing videos for education will make up merely half of that 80% of online content.

                              Perhaps it’s the obvious way to use video and animation to attract and retain users is to publish brands on their official pages on social networks.

                              If you are a student or teacher, then you probably had to fear the upcoming presentation. Preparing for a good presentation takes time. Sometimes that process is doomed to failure due to how boring it is. But if you want to make your clients turn into active listeners, you are obviously having to make an effort.

                              Discussion between people - an article about Videos for Learning

                              For a successful presentation, you need to create it so fascinating as to keep the attention of every man throughout the timeline. What could be more entertaining than animated heroes of the video for education?

                              Educational animated videos are an ideal sample of creating simple, understandable and interesting videos and tutorials.

                              Why the sky is blue? Why does it seem that the wheel rotates in the opposite direction, back? Why do the eyes in photos turn red?

                              You can cover all these issues and not only them with a more interesting tool than a simple text that almost 65% of users will not read – such is the statistics, people don’t like to strain their brains to read if there is an opportunity to watch educational videos!

                              Cartoon educational videos and ads are usually a little longer. Such clips have long been on the top of popularity. Usually, they are created by brands whose products are directly tied to the cooking process, but Palmolive creatively approached the issue by adding its product already at the dishwashing stage – and this is one of the most perfect cases in the field of brand promotion using social medias.

                              The 60-second limitation on the duration of Instagram video postings and the reluctance of users to watch commercials basically makes brands create videos separately for the platform. See how to make educational videos for this platform with enhanced performance at the Nivea brand.

                              The time of television dominance is long gone and promotional videos gradually move away from the format of the finished story. For advertising brands are increasingly using business education videos which are quite similar to those that users natively share.

                              This is also confirmed by research – people want an easy and quick interaction with brands and tend to pay to such brands.

                              The simplicity of its creation plays a significant role in the distribution of video content. In advertising on social networks, advertising with elements of animation or fully animated videos, the creation of which does not require a significant budget, is popular. They can easily tell a fascinating story using the simplest graphics. Here is an example of such an Instagram advertisement from Nescafe.

                              People are learning - article "Animated Videos for Education"On Facebook, ads often remain in the more classic format for a television movie, although videoclips are noticeably dominant over static images. The best compromise option is to use animation. There are several reasons for this:

                              • In each of us, there lives a child to whom cartoons serve as a trigger – any psychologist will tell you about this. And video content with animation is the case when attention can be gained even without significant brain-storms in the field of the complexity of special effects or plot development.
                              • The animation looks accessible and understandable, it is not boring, which is especially important for animated instructional videos, because simply the narrative performed by the actor, even the most charismatic, will not attract attention like animated images.

                              Last year, Facebook allowed brands to upload cover videos to their pages. In many graphic editors, the format of video covers with ready-made templates has appeared. So in the Crello editor, there are many animated templates of ready-made size 850×315 px and mp4 format. But if it’s really enough for the current market state?

                              The most common coverage options are mini-films about company or goods it produces. But you can find also lots of original ideas concerning such videos.  For example, an animated instructional video about entrepreneur’s activity. In that animated miniseries creators of the explainer videos, Darvideo, performed the most common conflicts and fears the beginner’s entrepreneurs are faced with. And, of course, there you can learn how to avoid or solve those problems. The key concept of the series by Darvideo is ease and interesting story that involves viewer and makes him interested in the continuous series.

                              Instagram styling is a separate genre of using video and animation brands. Here, companies make full use of the non-intrusiveness of the format – the user decides to click the icon with the active history on their own, can easily thumb through short videos, and even the content cannot accumulate due to the 24-hour shelf life.

                               E-learning - video learning

                              Such freedom gives interesting results – brands are not afraid to experiment and share a large number of behind-the-scenes videos from their events, post blitz interviews, review new collections and unpack goods, demonstrate options for using their product and simply share interesting content. In this area, you can experiment with content, create characters, hone their impact on the audience and not worry that the result will negatively affect your image. Short videos can be easily adapted to the story, but at the same time, they can be used in parallel on other social media on an ongoing basis, if the response of the users is positive.

                              You can animate Stories posts right on Instagram using the built-in animated elements or using online image and video editors. But if you want to get truly unique content, you can’t do without the services of an animation studio, unless you yourself are a talented designer, animator, editor and storyteller.

                              What is the advantage of contacting special agencies?

                              It remains to make sure that its creation and educational video ideas are delegated to specialists if you are affected by the perspectives that content type gives to you.

                              Even if at leisure time you are fond of creating personal video content with Instagram filters or online editors, look at the work of the pros and feel the difference! For educational videos, this is even more important.

                              Books in the article Animated Videos for Education

                              Contacting a video design company is the basic step to creating educational videos with truly unique content. You do not want to be the same as your competitors? You should immediately set a higher bar. And with a training video on how to use your product, this is easiest to achieve. And professionals will be able to create a video in accordance with your features, from the specifics of the product to match the style and color scheme of your website. Look at the work of the studio for Business Planning and Starting Entrepreneurs Promo Video – and you will see how organically this video looks. The reason is that the designers working in Darvideo, paid attention to each detail from the characters cast and creation to the color scheme and sound effects. A precisely thought-out plot will fully correspond to your business features, and the characters in the video will resonate with your potential audience, as specialists in marketing and psychology will work on their development.

                              The result is video series for online educational platform where Ukrainian entrepreneurs could get simple and interesting info about the troubleshooting in starting their business, Using video in education in brand marketing is no longer individual cases, but a rule. All major brands tailor their content to popular online formats. This format is especially relevant for those who provide innovative services that have no analogues in their country or field. Another simple example is a series of videos for young entrepreneurs that prepares future business sharks for the realities of their country.

                              The main components in them are wit and a good idea, not the intricacy of execution. Simple videos that do not require special skills and resources gain millions of views.

                              The simplicity of design and implementation of such simple conceptual videos makes it suitable for any brand to use on all platforms and communication channels.

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                              Teacher 02.04.2021 at 21:53

                              great instructional video for the hires could be a crucial factor in helping a new employee get up to speed with the way

                              Ozzi Braane 20.04.2021 at 14:44

                              The scope of animated video is very large. It seemed like it could be used anywhere. Do I understand correctly ??

                              Angela Weqry 20.05.2021 at 22:24

                              [benefits of animation are great. And students like this kind of learning. Original, non-standard, modern, interesting!

                              Danielle Wrocliffe 02.07.2021 at 14:11

                              By personal example, I can say that learning from video is much more interesting. Video always dominates over dry text.
                              Maybe in the future we will have something more interesting. Let’s see this)

                              Sasha 07.10.2021 at 16:31

                              Any animated videos are effective in teaching. I can say from personal experience.

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