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                              How Including a Landing Page Video can Improve Your Website?

                              Animated video on your website

                              Videos are a sure way to immediately grasp the attention of your target audience. They quickly create a visual method for readers to experience your message with nothing more than a simple click. They also convey ideas that written words cannot. There is a lot of truth in the saying: “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

                              When you want to boost your engagement numbers and conversion rates, you should add engaging animated videos to your website. A simple Google search of the ‘top website animations’ will give you pretty clear ideas about what website video works and what does not.

                              What is the Key Role Video Plays in Making Websites More Appealing?

                              The fact is we all want to be entertained. Social media and endless information are readily available at our fingertips every second of the day. If you’re going to stand out in that onslaught of data, you need to utilize every trick of the trade. Including some fun, website video goes a long way to keeping readers on your page where they may purchase your product, service, or click on an ad and increase your revenue.

                              Visitors are more likely to engage with compelling landing page videos more than static text. Animations create a fun and interactive way to consume content. Your goal is to create a more immersive environment, and video is far more relatable than just words. It gives you both a way to tell a compelling story as well as excellent content to distribute on social media. Think about the power of sites like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube and their ability to control the market.

                              TikTok in an article about videos for a website

                              How to Post Animated Video to Your Website

                              There are a variety of online resources for posting a quality video to your website. With so many users now crafting websites on modern platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify, adding a product animation or review video to your landing page has never been easier.

                              Posting Directly from the Server

                              The most common way of posting unique videos to your website is by uploading them directly to your host server. This is done through a hosting provider like Bluehost or GoDaddy, where you use either the drag and drop method or an FTP server to send your video to the cloud server. You then will get a link to embed into your website for people to view whenever they visit the page.

                              While this is the most common way for original content, it isn’t the easiest. You have to have some knowledge of website design and probably need to understand graphic design to ensure the video is high quality in the end.

                              Posting from YouTube or Vimeo

                              This is hands down the easiest way of getting animated video for your website. All you need is the link from the original video file. You then copy that link into your CMS space, and the file automatically is placed onto your site. The only downside is that some people may copyright protect their files or suddenly remove them for no reason. Then you are left with a blank or dead link on your website where a video should be playing.

                              This is also the easiest way to avoid major animated video production for websites. It takes some skill to create original work. You may want to search around our site for quality landing page video examples and video lengths that will work best to attract your visitors. Not all videos have the ability to immediately get someone’s attention.

                              Improving Your SEO with Website Video

                              SEO, or search engine optimization, is how you attract more visitors organically to your website. It is a way of structuring the layout and content so significant search engines like Google will list your site higher on their results. The higher your results, the more visitors you’ll get.

                              In recent years Google has made websites with video content appear higher on organic search results, especially for those that host their videos on YouTube first. The simple fact is that if Google, a major player in technology, cares more about the video, so should you.

                              Quality animations for your website also improve your rank SEO by creating more backlinks. People will want to link directly to your website if there is an engaging video for them to reference. Think of all the times you’ve shared a video with a friend or family member and how that propels that site’s marketing reach. You never know when that funny cat video will go viral. You could go from selling socks out of your garage to owning a multinational company just because of one well-placed video on your landing page.

                              Animated Videos Lower Your Bounce Rate

                              Videos on your landing page are an excellent way of conveying precisely what your website is about. They grab the attention of visitors and keep them on your site, which lowers the bounce rate. The lower your bounce rate, the more likely people will stick around to engage with your products or mailing list. You can even make the video play automatically when they visit your landing page to immediately engage them to stay.

                              You don’t have to put your animated videos right in front of the website. Instead, you can add a video animation to the background of your website as a type of digital atmosphere that creates a more welcoming environment targeted at those users you want the most.

                              Using Video for a CTA

                              Website video is an efficient way to make your final CTA (call-to-action) for potential clients. You can deliver on your promise of engaging content and then ask them to purchase your product, get a free coupon, or sign up for a free download at the end. This eludes that there is more great content for them to interact with if they only go one easy step further and respond to your CTA. The more user data you can capture, the greater your opportunity to make a sale.

                              Engage Your Audience with Video

                              The fact is video is now the best way to convey your messaging. Engagement goes up when you have a video on your landing pages or animation for your website. The more eyeballs that check out your website, the more sales and user data you capture. This grows your business and organization exponentially every time someone links to your fun video.

                              Check out one of our fun videos that you can customize with your own CTA.

                              Whether you are selling a brand new product, reviewing some fabulous travel destination, or just sharing something exciting you found online, adding video to your website is a surefire way of improving your website visitation rates.

                              Want to learn more? Check out all our videos and customizable animations by clicking on, our portfolio. We bring even the most complex ideas to life through compelling animated videos! We are your one-stop-shop for discovering new, powerful methods of engaging with users from all over the world. So visit us today and browse our amazing videos.

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