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                              How to boost your online shop with an animated video?

                              How to boost your online shop with an animated video?

                              As technology has evolved, our lives have become dependent on it completely. The various aspects of our day-to-day life like our education system, entertainment, vehicles, businesses, etc. are reliant on technology. The pandemic only added to this, as everything was deliberately switched from in-person contact to online zoom meetings and electronic shopping (e-shopping). As a result of this, you will now find companies coming up with newer ways to attract clients to their businesses by making their online presence stronger.

                              Businesses are busy incorporating techniques that will score them good online retail and one of the ways they are doing this is by the help of an animation, specifically by including animated videos on their websites. That’s because animated videos for your businesses can result in a ton of advantages that can lead to an improvement in your sales. These can specifically come in handy for those businesses that are working solely online. We have outlined 6 main factors of how animated videos can help you in boosting your online shop and why they should become a part of your digital marketing campaign, below.

                              1. Introduce your brand with an application animated video

                              Animated explainer videos can be used to introduce businesses and their specific products or policies. According to research conducted by Wyzowl, businesses that include an informative clip or an explainer video on their website’s main page have a larger chance of making a sale.

                              According to research conducted by Wyzowl, businesses that include an informative clip or an explainer video on their website’s main page have a larger chance of making a sale. - Boost your online shop with an animated video

                              For example, if you are coming out with a new App, you could put up an animation video showing people using and enjoying it. You could also show the different features and specifications of it that make it different from other apps in the market. Through the video, you could let them know what they would have to do if they run into some technical glitches. Relaying interesting information through the help of educational and entertaining animated videos can help you build trust with your customers in the longer run.

                              2. Attract customers with VR animation

                              Animated videos are an excellent medium to market your brand by attracting customers. They can hold a customer’s attention and keep him/her engaged in a specific product. You can take the example of the Google Doodles that we see almost every day on our browsers. They are so captivating that they make us want to know more about them. According to research conducted by Invisia, videos have the capability of increasing conversions by 80%. They can increase both sales and conversions directly and indirectly.

                              This is because the audience likes to picture themselves using the products they are interested in buying, hence, a product animated video e.g., showing them just that, is helpful. Or you also can put up a shopping animated video to show customers their whole shopping experience at your business outlet and get your sales to increase. Moreover, you could include a VR (Virtual Reality) dressing room where customers can upload a picture or a video of themselves and then pick and choose items from your shop and see how they would look on them. They could be given the option of customizing their size too. Customers will find this entertaining and it would make it easier for them to shop as well.

                              3. Tell a story with an advertising animated video

                              The inclusion of animated videos on your websites can be a smart technique that will set you apart from your competitors. Your company can come out as creative and futuristic to your customers. You can impress audiences by taking help from animation videos like “June: Life is Better When You Share the Ride” created by Lyft.

                              This video happens to stand among the topmost watched adverts on YouTube, solely because it can connect with the viewers by sharing a story and keeping them glued to their screens. Such narrative-driven films can be amazing tools to use to increase sales. You could e.g., share an inspiring or entertaining story of someone that works for you, or is even your customer, and depict how your company changed their life.

                              4. Convey important messages with unboring approaches using character animation

                              A small animated video can convey a longer message much more swiftly and effectively, in comparison to a live video, which will not just have to be lengthier but will also require more energy to be created. Animated videos are a great way of keeping your brand inclusive as the subjects in the videos don’t need to belong to a specific age, race, gender, or nationality (and you’ll have a lesser chance of receiving any sort of backlash because of it).

                              To give an example, you could show cute animals having a great time at your café outlet. They could be eating, drinking and having a good time at your café. The food being served could be from your actual menu. Also, this would be a great way to show the customers that the services offered by your staff will be given to anyone without any prejudice and regardless of who they are.

                              5. Give emotions to your audience with an interactive animated video

                              We understand that including animated videos in your marketing approach might not be the easiest thing for you, as it will require stepping into a new domain and stepping out of your comfort zone. But this is what will bring you closer to your clientele. You can use an animated video to speak to your customers. Instructional animated videos, e.g., keep audiences hooked while you share important information. This can be a great tool to get your message across without boring the customer. 

                              Animated video is a great tool for conveying your message without boredom to the customer.

                              For example, if your business revolves around traveling you could incorporate an animated video in which the audience can see just how the trip would take place, the sights they’ll visit, and what they would do once they get there. You can make it more interactive by letting the audience add themselves to the video by modifying a specific character on-screen to their liking. This will make them feel closer to the whole experience. Also, make sure to ensure that you use the right set of colors, transitions, and audio tracks in the video. This, without a doubt, will help lift your online business.

                              6. Improve your website’s traffic and Social Media platforms statistics with the product animated video

                              You can also make more online sales by the use of animated videos as multimedia content tends to show up more on Google. Google algorithm typically ranks pages containing more images and videos, higher. Additionally, videos like animated videos for the website increase the average time a user spends on a website, a factor that also results in higher search engine rankings and hence greater sales.

                              For instance, if you run an online bakery, you could include animation videos that enable the clients to see and then customize their yummy treats, like cakes, muffins, etc., and make them look the way they want. They would be able to see how their delicious cakes would turn out in the end before even placing the actual order. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the leading social media platforms that brands can utilize to market their products, features, and offers further. Videos shared on these platforms have the capacity of being shared and then eventually going viral and reaching a larger audience, which automatically generates more sales for the business.

                              Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the leading social media platforms that brands can utilize to market their products, features, and offers further

                              Last words

                              We know that businessmen put so much thought and effort into their products daily. However, when the brand doesn’t do well in the market, then it can not only result in losses for the company but can also be emotionally draining for everyone involved in it.  This is why we have listed a few ways that show how such videos can be used by you.

                              You need to remember that animations have now become an imperative part of digital marketing and more and more firms are including them on their websites in their unique ways to grow their online sales. They are a rich, and affordable way to manage your sales. So, make sure to give them a chance in your marketing plan and watch your online business fly.

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