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                              How to increase lead conversion on your website or landing page with animated video

                              Growing conversion with an animation video on your website. How to do it and why it works so well?

                              Some interesting stats

                              Before starting, let’s warm up your interest with some numbers. These numbers are stats for videos on the Internet in 2017-2019. And they are promising.

                              85% – of American internet users watch videos monthly in 2018. Nowadays this number is bigger and still growing. The time spent watching videos by a user is also growing. 72% of customers would rather watch a video review before buying than a read text description.

                              Up to 60% of customers demand to see marketing videos. A customer prefers to see an advertising video instead of an email, banner, image or downloadable PDF. More interest in videos is shown by younger 18-24 years old customers.

                              87% of businesses use videos for marketing purposes. In 2017, this number was only 63%. At the same time, 91% of marketing specialists are considering videos as an important tool. And the most important – 83% of video marketers are reporting on ROI (Return on Investment) growth. The most miraculous thing happens on Facebook business pages. A boosted post with a simple animated explainer video overtakes even the best texts by 2-10 times by lead conversion rate.

                              Video lead conversion

                              66% of marketers report on a higher quality lead generation. 54% more potential customers are familiar with a brand, goods, and services. They learn more from explainer animation videos and reviews than from a text. A video is information in the easiest-to-consume format. It is fast, engaging, and more trusted than just a paragraph.

                              88% more time an average user stays on a website with a video. This is truly amazing because a website with no video content now is not as relevant as before.

                              Double the power of your Call To Action

                              As Forbes’ study shows users tend to remember 95% more calls to action from videos. The text is less effective. Users forgot what they have read but they still remember what they see and hear. The explanation is simple. Users glance through a text instead of reading it properly. Also, a reading process is not that pleasing. It takes too much time and gives no satisfaction.

                              The pace of today’s life is too fast to read

                              These numbers are growing as people tend to watch more videos. Bloggers are replacing journalists and journalists are becoming bloggers. A video gives more knowledge faster. It allows you to use the full potential of humor, emotions, and colors. A paragraph has not such an opportunity.

                              For business, a social or video for a website is not just a powerful lead generation tool. It is a way to stay afloat.

                              Is a video some kind of a magic marketing tool?

                              No, it isn’t. Some businesses just cannot rely on it. Material suppliers, lawyers, etc. Some companies have certificates, successful cases, and laboratory results as a marketing tool. On the other hand, some brands cannot live without a good video. For example, you made a genius employee efficiency tracking tool. No one would believe in it without a good explanation.

                              Will video work or not it depends on your business. Ask us to find out!

                              What kind of video can generate leads?

                              Every good video generates customers. Rules are simple:

                              • Be engaging and fun.
                              • Don’t be cringy.
                              • Be a technical expert and professional speaker at the same time.
                              • Be clear and answer all the questions a client might have.
                              • Don’t hesitate to hire a professional animation studio that can write a decent script, make beautiful animation, and put a nice voice-over.

                              Always remember that video works both ways. Users are good at remembering videos. Don’t let them remember your worst clip.

                              How do I put a video on my website?

                              In 2019 every website building platform like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, etc. has its tool for putting inserting animation and videos. But be aware of some limits. Search engines love websites with optimized texts and high loading speed. If you have low-speed hosting don’t put a video directly on your page. Because it requires a player and storage. However, there is a universal way for almost every website. Even the oldest ones.

                              Embed code – #1 Landing Page Video solution

                              Embed code is the easiest and the most effective way to have a video on your page. This works for YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, and a lot of other video platforms. Upload a video on a platform you like, better on every single one, do proper SEO, and press the share button. Or three dots for Facebook.

                              Then choose the “embed” option and copy the HTML code. Insert it in your websites’ code. Place a video wherever you need it to be. This requires only basic knowledge of HTML. You just have to know how to put a video without messing up the whole page.

                              YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook insertion has benefits. It is fast, easy, it doesn’t slow your website and requires no storage. You can put thousands of 4K videos on your website. For example, a web store can add a review or explainer video for every product and service. Some web stores even allow users to “iframe” their unboxing.

                              Using your player is a whole different situation. Better to consult a webmaster.

                              Two birds – one stone

                              Using iframe ( an embed video) you have to upload a video on a video platform or platforms as well. Then you can get more high-quality leads and improve your lead generation from social media as well. Moreover, having videos on different platforms you improve link building and website ranking.

                              Animation videos or live video presentations from social networks and video platforms can pop-up in search making even users know about your company.

                              How can I know if my video is working?

                              There is no way you cannot have metrics for a video in 2019. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and all other platforms have advanced metrics and analytics. Not only can you see overall views count but also how much of it is from each of webpages.

                              The most important metrics are:

                              1. Average view duration – bigger means better. This is the main quality sign for a video.
                              2. Overall watch time – more time a person spends on your website, better ranking it has.
                              3. (Facebook and Instagram) 3-second views – this is the drop rate. Don’t worry if it is 30% or even 50% from a reach count. But having it at 70-80% level is a sign to get better video on air.

                              How to get even more metrics?

                              One of the best ways is Google Analytics. This tool is complex and advanced but has an intuitive interface. Google Analytics shows you all the parameters you need including the behavior of your audience. How long do they stay on your website, what pages they visit and how long do they stay there, where they go after watching a video or what do they do? All these metrics are important to understand if a video does its job or it is just an illusion.

                              Don’t forget to ask!

                              The most valuable feedback you can get directly from your customers. Ask them about a purchase. How did they find you, what they like the most about your website, what is the worst thing and did they like your video? This doesn’t mean you have to call every single customer. There are a lot of ways to make 5-second questionnaires in which a visitor can rate every aspect he liked or disliked in a single click. To encourage them you can give away discount coupons for feedback.

                              What kind of video performs the best? Animated video vs live.

                              Nowadays you see a lot of videos from both sides. And both types are working well for their purposes. 2d animated videos are really good to present services and live videos are showing products in the best way possible. What is better for you? This depends on your business. It is hardly possible to make a promotional video for a photographer with no live image. And it would be really hard to explain how the logistics tracking application works with no proper animation. And you have to use 3d animated video to show the technical advantages of your products’ mechanism.

                              Consult us to find out what is best for you!

                              Webdesign and videos

                              A nice spot for video can differ from site to site. But there are general rules:

                              • Don’t make it huge. Less than half of the page is enough. A user has to see a whole video without moving his eyes. By desire, he always can make it full screen.
                              • Too small is also a bad idea. The third part of the screen is a sweet spot.
                              • Don’t follow the rules above for mobile devices. Let a video take up to 90% of the width. And always test.
                              • Add “call to watch” and 2-3 sentences of explanations. “See how the app makes pancakes delicious.” and “The magic of the application is truly complicated. But this video will help you to understand every single aspect of it.”.
                              • Thumbnail is key. It has to be as clickbait-ish as possible. Add some text on top that will raise a question a user would be desperate to find an answer on. “How our app works and how it saved 27 penguins?”. Also, don’t forget about the corporate style. Don’t make it look like stolen.
                              • Don’t leave a video alone. A video review is not a reason not to have a text review and specs for a product. A video is good for learning basics but it is not good for looking over and over at specs. Besides, the text is required for SEO.

                              Where to put a video on a website?

                              1. Homepage welcome explainer.

                              This is simple and effective. Instead of a long landing with a lot of text, you simply insert an animated explainer video that will inform visitors much faster and better. In a video, it would be great to add general information about the company, services, products, and the most important – specific features. Don’t forget to add an engaging call to action. As was written before, a visitor has a 95% more likely to remember it.

                              2.Product pages

                              An OK video review is better than the best text. Using embed code you only have to worry about the quality of videos. Make them informative and expert. This will help to get more leads. But it doesn’t completely replace product specs and reviews. This is a powerful tool but it doesn’t work on its own.

                              3. About us

                              A good video on about us web page is a good way to get trust and improve lead quality. Remember this is the face of your company. It has to be good and informative.

                              4. Blog, employees, facilities and hiring page

                              There are a lot of different pages where a good video is needed. For a company’s blog would be great to have a brief video report after each big successful project, huge changes in the company, holiday congratulations, etc. A hiring page with a good video about the company and working conditions makes your business closer to potential employees. If you have an advantage would be great to make a video about it.

                              5. Background video

                              In some cases, a background video with some definite details about a business can make a huge difference.

                              Autoplay is a bad idea. At first, it might look great but then it becomes annoying. Specifically, if a video has sound. You don’t want a webpage suddenly start screaming. On the other hand, autoplay is important for background video or animations. But it has to be silent. Otherwise, it would be too annoying to stay on the page.

                              Another popular mistake is low-quality videos. Yes, for a non-professional is hard to tell what is good. Remember video marketing works both ways. Videos can have negative results. But good videos can skyrocket your sales.


                              Nowadays, having a video on your website is a way to stay afloat. A short 1-2 minute animation about an app, service or product can produce up to 70% more sales than just a text. Videos are an engaging and effective way to get new knowledge, learn a skill, or understand the features of a product. They make people stay on websites for a longer period. They make customers remember CTAs. They make users know the brands and features of every product.

                              This is a powerful tool. And the better video is the better is the result.

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