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                              Ten Ideas For A Video To Improve Your Brand On YouTube

                              Today, the belief that your product or work will stand for itself isn’t holding up anymore. For the last couple of years, we observed  that a product is considered complete is the one that comes with a variety of marketing extensions: videos, ads, clips and more. It does not matter if the brand is mega-successful or just decent, but to tell the world about yourself and your product, it is crucial to have a creative, comprehensive and, maybe even a bit entertaining, youtube channel.

                              Brand video on YouTube

                              Even though many brands today manage to keep an ongoing YouTube channel, not a lot of them succeed in building a memorable one. That is one of the things that will help you and your company create a thriving brand.

                              Let’s say that a successful YouTube channel encompasses the entire range of brand’s features and benefits. It includes everything about the product and a little bit more—maybe some talk on relatable topics or, as we have mentioned before, some fun content as well. Make sure the script, the type of video or animation, and general content, are suitable for the targeted audience.

                              So, is there are a way to build not only a bright, flourishing channel, but also a gripping one? One that cleverly shows the product, the company and its culture,  all the while emitting a positive tone to the audience? Yes, there are many ways to create and keep such a channel. We’ve drawn up a list of ideas a successful branding channel on YouTube should have.

                              Brand trailer or an “About Us” video

                              Let’s stick to the structure of the channel proposed by the creators of  YouTube. The very first video a user would most likely want to watch is a short introduction — an “About Us.” It is a crucial way to understand how the company presents itself, and a good way for the viewer to determine if they want to stay on the channel and continue watching videos.  It might be the only chance to make a strong impression. Remember, it takes a matter of seconds for a viewer to decide if they want to keep watching a video.

                              The primary point of an About Us video  is to introduce your brand to the potential audience. Arrange several themes in this clip: what your product is, how it works, introduce your corporate culture and your brand’s values. Give people a good reason to learn more about your brand.

                              Live sessions

                              Going online for  live sessions and answering viewer questions is a very common practice for most YouTubers. Even those who don’t have a big audience in front of them uses this form of communication quite often. Yet, this has not been   utilized as a marketing tool by brands. Go online for live sessions occasionally: in the corporate world, this is an equivalent of an actual meeting with your clients.

                              Create quality video for YouTube

                              It is no secret that every interaction with a customer is important for many reasons. The live video, where people can see your reactions, voice, and the way you talk is important to build a trusting relationship. It gives a feeling to the people who watch the video that they  know you on a personal level.

                              Make shows

                              When it comes to marketing efforts, you should know that every single bit  of it doesn’t have to promote your product. That can be the wrong approach as it  could make you look dull. On the other hand, if you have content that just partially touches your product, kind of hinting at it,that can be a real winner. It is a good idea to present your own series of videos. It could be short and consist of several episodes. If you make it interesting and engaging, your content will look diverse, which can for sure lead you to more subscribers. Storytelling is so essential today, and its power is evident. It is not big news that a well-crafted narrative is powerful to use for marketing goals.


                              Have you ever learned how to do something from a video on YouTube? It would be quite weird if your answer was, “No, I haven’t.” This type of video is super popular and handy; you basically watch and learn something that is useful. The video is a very convincing medium for teaching because it shows you every step as it’s happening and within the context. Why don’t you use a how-to-video approach to teach your audience something about your product? Some brands applies these videos just for fun—a short story in a style of how-to-do something can be completely humorous.

                              People constantly search for how-to videos, and who knows, maybe this is the way to attract some of your future customers. It’s an opportunity that needs to be considered; it could be super helpful to make a marketing video made in the form of a how-to-video. Isn’t it a great way to tell people about your brand and product?

                              Brand’s culture

                              Talk about your corporate culture. Introduce the team, show the office, unusual peculiarities that every single staff have. Let your coworkers tell about the benefits of working in your company, and about making the products for your company. Think about spicing it up with different video styles, animation tricks, or background music.

                              If you show to the audience that your company creates a great product and are people-oriented in the core, and believe it or not, they will think better of your brand because of it. Mainly, in the brand’s culture video, you can show how your company looks like from the inside. The atmosphere will be seen too. It’s a great way to connect with your audience and improve your brand recognition.


                              Even though we have talked about how-to-videos, tutorials can be different, and it’s worth to call them that. It will attract a different branch of YouTube viewing base and probably lead you to your audience in a different way. Nowadays, people enjoy learning something new. So, it doesn’t really matter what kind of tutorial you are going to post, just make sure it is relatable to your field or product.

                              Unlike how-to-videos where you mostly show step-by-step how to do something in the tutorials, you mostly show voice narration . That’s not only a different approach, but separate aesthetics. It might lead your audience to have a stronger interest in the product . Make sure your tutorials visually rich and engaging. After all, the essence of the image in marketing depends on its quality, too.


                              Explainers are used a lot with the aim to market the product and educate about the technology used. These videos are like news that are thoroughly analyzed, and explained step-by-step. There are so many things in a single technological product that could be quite hard for a general audience to understand. That is one of the main issues you should focus on. Consider widening the themes for your videos by creating explainer videos about your industry —its concepts or latest innovations.

                              An explainer video doesn’t have to be all about a spoken narrative. On the contrary, it has to provide an immersing experience for a user too. It is better to use a variety of visual techniques, parallel narrative line, humor, slow-motion tricks, and whatever you consider a creative approach. When scripting your explainer video, you want to achieve a certain goal—to educate people. So it is helpful to include in the video lots of educating materials like infographics, data analysis, simple stats. Such means can be important to help the viewer grasp the whole picture your video is conveying.

                              Promo video

                              To make, and post, a product promo video to your channel is critical. Promo videos enables audiences to learn more about a product, its benefits, and the advantages of using it.  You’re also showing your brand’s industry. In creating helpful and valuable content, it might allow prospective buyers to trust your brand more. Product promo is probably the most practical among all types of videos we have been discussing. It naturally leads a viewer to the final stage—why buying a product, specifically your product, is a good idea for the buyer. Promo videos are universal; it goes everywhere. You can use it on any platform, social media, or webpage. However, since YouTube is one of the most popular search engines, it is important of posting a product promo video here too.

                              Let clients talk

                              It’s also rarely used way to tell a story about the brand, especially nowadays. However, it could be useful for your prospective buyers to learn how other people learned about your  brand, how the product surprised them, help or simply was as good as they expected. Do you know how often people read the reviews about the product in order to learn what other customers think of their experience with it? In the video, you are basically giving a voice to the reviews.

                              With the help of different filming techniques, graphic styles, interesting, sophisticated script, you could make a whole video  out of it. Learning how other clients feel about the product could be very inspiring. Let them talk about their specific issues, and if your technology or product was designed to solve it, make it clear in the video.

                              Case study

                              The last one, but not the last possible type of video to make, is a case study. In some way it is continuing the previous one as they share the same topic. Both in its very nature are persuasive because they show the real experience. How other people use your product, and how exactly it has helped them, is the core of the case study video.

                              Focus on the common problem your customers tend to have. It is not a trick: the more common the problem, the more chances it can appear with  future clients. Making a case study video could help in avoiding it. Your case studies are ones that are valued the most among other examples of content, so make sure it is easy to find on your YouTube channel. Maybe it needs another section.

                              Video for promotion on YouTube

                              In the end, it’s vital to note that if you make a Youtube channel list visually and thematically diverse, the higher the chances you get to catch the user’s attention and win a subscriber. Helpful, entertaining, and valuable content helps your audience to trust you and the product you make. Creative strategies in marketing often leads to a better conversion rate and more sales. Nowadays, to have a visually interesting YouTube channel is critical for any brand in any field of technology.

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