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                              Ten Trends in American Animation in 2021

                              Like in any industry, trends in animation have been known to ebb and flow. Old favorites return to popularity in shapes and forms different from what we’ve seen before.

                              Now in 2021, after having spent almost a full year in a worldwide pandemic that forced most of us to stay home, we’re thrilled to see these highly creative animation trends from artists that have had nothing but time on their hands to create.

                              If your business has been considering an animated makeover for your advertisements, explainer videos, or digital marketing campaign, now is the time. Here are some of the biggest American animation trends to keep your eye on all year.

                              01. 3D animation

                              While 3D animation is not a new trend, the ever-changing and progressive capabilities of this variety of animation continue to surprise and delight viewers. One of the newest additions to the evergreen 3D trend is the introduction of texture. Texture in 3D animations allows brands to stand out against their competition and be more memorable for their intended audiences.

                              The mixture of 3D with 2D animation is also growing in popularity. Like the addition of texture, hybrid 3D and 2D animated videos are a way for brands to gain the edge over the competition and catch the viewer’s eye with something new and fresh that they haven’t seen before.

                              02. Live-action mixed with animation

                              This hybrid animation technique isn’t new, but it’s making a comeback in 2021. One theory attributes the technique’s rekindled success to the pandemic that roared across the better half of 2020. Mixing live-action with animation allowed animation studios the option to use animation to fill in holes caused by the unexpected lockdowns that halted filming.

                              This technique has been popping up in various types of animated videos, like advertising commercials and explanatory videos, allowing the experience to be more appealing and fun for the viewer. Expect to see a great deal of this hybrid trend all throughout 2021 and beyond.

                              03. Minimalism

                              In 2021, animators have been loving minimalistic animation, line art, and finding ways to make these simple creations sophisticated and elegant for the viewer. Simple doodles drawn with thin lines allow the animation to come alive while simultaneously creating a surreal and dream-like atmosphere for the viewer.

                              Most notably, minimalistic animation has become increasingly popular in animated explainer videos. The simple composition allows the viewer to concentrate on the information being provided by the video.

                              Minimalistic animation has become increasingly popular in animated explainer videos - trends in the world of animation

                              The audience is able to enjoy the animations without being distracted by them.

                              04. Vertical Animation

                              Not all of the trends in this list are animation stylistic. With trends like mobile viewing and TikTok taking the world by storm, it was only a matter of time before the vertical screen format became a consistent trend in the way animation is formatted and deployed.

                              In the past, animation has been formatted in the traditional 16:9 frame. However, with mobile viewing now surpassing desktop use, animators have begun formatting their work to fit more tightly into a vertical frame. Now that last year’s threat to end TikTok has passed, more and more creators are expected to follow suit.

                              05. Liquid Motion

                              Liquid motion and morphing techniques break down animated shapes in order to give them a liquid-like appearance. This liquid appearance allows the elements of animation to seamlessly transition from one frame to the next without harsh or discordant transitions.

                              The smoothness of these animations can be both calming and satisfying for an audience to watch. These qualities make them a trendy option for businesses in search of fresh techniques to use on ads, infographic animated videos, and explainer videos in 2021.

                              06. Character Animation

                              When you’re working with animation instead of live-action, one of the major draws is the ability to create characters for your brand that would otherwise not exist in real life. When you use character animation to endorse your brand, you’re able to create friendly, approachable, and humorous personalities that reflect the values of your business.

                              Character animation can be used throughout an entire digital marketing campaign. A character that acts as a mascot makes that business recognizable by the character alone, helping your business build a memorable brand.

                              07. Interactive Animation

                              This year, businesses are learning that audiences will engage with and remember their content better when their animations are interactive. When considering topics for your animated video, think of the benefits interactive animation can have for your brand.

                              Interactive animations also help appeal to an audience’s sense of fun while delivering information that can be otherwise seen as dull or dry. When animated explainer videos and advertisements appeal to and entertain your intended audience, what once was a boring delivery can become fun and engaging for all.

                              Interactive Tsunami Poster

                              AR Animation:

                              08. Restricted Color Palettes

                              One of the most prevalent trends we’re seeing in 2021 animations is a restricted color palette. Recently, it’s become popular to use a color palette containing only a few primary colors, as opposed to creating richly colored animations with varying shades and tones throughout.

                              While this trend may seem sparse and old-fashioned, when in action these restricted color palette animations actually look quite sophisticated. The trend is great for companies that want to maintain a simplistic but refined image while simultaneously bringing more visual appeal to their animated explainer videos, infographic animated videos, and advertisements.

                              09. Kinetic Typography in Animation

                              While edgy and abnormal typefaces can affect the readability of text in an animation, artists in 2021 are breaking the rules and experimenting with kinetic typography. Twisting, stretching, and otherwise distorting letters, sentences, and phrases within an animation has been well-received by audiences and there is no sign of this trend slowing down this year.

                              If your brand is looking for ways to stand out in today’s competitive market, try using kinetic typography in your business animations. They’ll help to draw attention to your brand, make your animations more memorable, and appeal to a wider audience.

                              How to stand out a brand in today's competitive market - article Trends in American animation

                              10. Animated Logos

                              Every business is looking for ways to make their brand stand out online using creative animation. In addition to cute animated characters, brands are starting to capture the attention of their intended audience by introducing animation into their logos.

                              Animated logos have quickly become one of the fastest-growing trends in animation. Animated graphics help to bring life to traditionally motionless brand emblems. Likewise, the unexpected movement and activity associated with animated logos make the viewer associate a company with forward-thinking and innovation. Wanna learn some more trends for your business – check this article!

                              Final Thoughts

                              Animation trends are ever-evolving, and 2021 is no different. With the global population still reeling from the pandemic, trends this year are some of the most innovative and progressive that we’ve seen in recent memory.

                              If your business is looking for ways to breathe life into your brand by using up-and-coming animation trends for your advertisements, explainer videos, logos, and brand image, 2021 is the year to start!

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