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                              Top 10 animation studios 2020

                              Top 10 animation studios 2020

                              It is known that animation is a way through which figures are manipulated to come out as moving images.  Consequently, an animation studio is a sanctuary where passes the process of producing animated media. In order to launch a great product that will be able to catch people’s attention it is necessary to have at every company´ s disposal a great team behind it. Every awesome cartoon that we can see on the television or the screen of our computer is a result of the group of animation studio´s people that did everything meticulously to the smallest details that you can observe now as a fully-fledged picture.

                              Nowadays, animation has become a powerful marketing tool. There are plenty of animation studios across the globe and moreover, the number of them is always increasing intending to one-up each other. So, it can lead us to the conclusion that there is no room for doubts that every company of this industry with its animators who are inspired by the idea of the work endeavor to create the best masterpiece to do it better than others. And from our side it can be easily to lose sight of the how many people it takes to finish their work, a cartoon and of the history line of the studio.

                              As a result, here you are the ten best animation studios that continue feeding the eyes of their audience and helping various companies to tell in a completely unique manner about their services.

                              1. Sharp Eye Animation

                              Sharp Eye Animation´ headquarter is located in San Francisco, California.

                              A company that made considerable breakthroughs in the field of 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics, explainer videos and in spite of many difficulties that the company confronted they have managed to maintain their integrity.  For the last pair of years, Sharp Eye Animation Studio continues to play a leading role in impressing us with new powerful labels that were designed by the team of professionals.

                              Office workers - an article about the Best Animation Studios

                              Daniel Bales produced marketing video content with the bulk of famous studios like Warner Bros, Disney, CBS, and more. This fact definitely had a great impact on the formation of the Sharp Eye Animation company and strongly influenced the development of the studio.

                              Sharp Eye Animation makes outstanding startup videos, explainers, 2D animations and more. Plenty of professionals that make up the team have behind their backs an enormous pile-up of experience of working abroad for more than 10 years all over the world. That helps them to manage to charm the audience with an advance stage and with their creativity abilities.

                              2. Thinkmojo

                              The name of this animation studio gradually is being heard throughout many parts of the world. The company that has collaborated with a lot of brands that have great importance in the modern world. The work was undertaken with Google, LinkedIn, Fico, Twitter, Lattice, INvision, Mix Panel, etc. In addition to this, according to the words of representatives of Thinkmojo that they are just getting started.

                              The Thinkmojo studio dates back to 2010 and its headquerter is located in Campbell, California.  The primary objective of the company is to provide assistance to another world´s most innovative brands by narrating their stories through the medium of video and help them to be in touch with their audience. The combination of values that the company has at his disposal let them to be on the top.  Keeping always smile, craving for creating something new and diligence cater to them for being a cohesive team where everybody trusts and helps each other.

                              It´s about Thinkmojo´s team that consists of different persons no matter what status you have. There are dedicated professionals, writers, artists, fathers and sons, the people who win a plenty of awards frequently.

                              3. Switch Video

                              The Studio is based on creating animated explainer videos and did it for a significant number of companies like HP, Bayer, Abbot, and many more.

                              Switch Video company that have elaborated more than one thousand videos for his clients in different countries all over the world and in various languages. A team of professionals that have a clear goal and commitment to work towards the new ideas that appears every day.

                              Working in a laptop - an article about Animation Studios

                              To be bound with their clients is a compulsory part of their work. People can come with new ideas, challenging concepts and in turn, the company is willing to help to make the most of each proposal or idea in order to convert it into a big deal. Even though if the idea is seemed to be a little complicated or dull, Switch Video is always ready to change it for the best by considering everything thoroughly in order to make it simple to understand.

                              The main office that is located in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada can easily seduce any person wishing to engage with Switch Video by his beauty, coziness, and perspective.

                              4. Wyzowl

                              Wyzowl is one of the best companies in the market-leading explainer video. Besides, they have managed to reach over 273, 000 views of their videos that give the right to call them one of the successful companies in 2020.

                              Wyzlow company is renowned for its great experience that was obtained in over fourteen countries. They have been working directly with their clients since 2011, innovating the creation of explainer videos with prices available for everyone and unlimited revisions. Wyzlow also committed a vast number of videos that were being created for over 1,500 different companies, including DropBox, Google, and many more.

                              The platform is able to combine and work in different styles from 2D to 3D graphics. It must be recognized that they trying to do everything possible in order to ensure the company´s success and more importantly to do with a tremendous desire to move forward and achieve many goals.

                              The project of Wyzowl is improving with each passing day due to efforts of each person of the team.

                              Discussion of launching the idea - Animation Studios

                              5. Demo Duck

                              Demo Duck – the project includes 2D animation, whiteboard, and motion graphic explainer styles. Everything started in 2011 with the name Andrew Follet who commence realizing demo videos, actually, that´s why it´s called Demo Duck and the duck part they invented on their own.

                              Afterward there took place a major breakthrough in a new explainer video that appeared out of the blue. Plenty of projects of the Demo Duck company began to prosper extremely rapidly under the condition of collaborating in an international way with filmmakers, animators, artists, and designers. It can be concluded that this platform does not have the intention to restrict themselves to these measures, they make it point to develop more swiftly and in multiple directions.

                              The Demo Duck company that is located in Chicago, Illinois manages to do excellent videos for business in spite of a small number of people who make up the team. It is because of their curiosities and strives to learn more about this field. Nowadays they are knowledgeable on various types of business new, old, small, large.

                              6. Explainify

                              Those guys are just crushing the industry for over 10 years.  The main task for them is to provide people with the simplification of complicated messages by making short videos. The young company has established clear goals through a medium of them can easily explain to people hard things, clarify the story of your message without missing the point. Furthermore, Explainify is greatly pleased to help every person to build a strategy for any explainer videos. At the present day, the company has provided aid for plenty of persons from web startups to Fortune 100 companies.

                              It is vital to note that Explainify has been featured by leading companies like Wistia, HubSpot, VentureBeat, and many more. It evidently demonstrates the companie´s willingness to come up with new ideas and learn every day more.

                              Young Worker - an article about the Best Animation Studios

                              7. Yum Yum Videos

                              The Argentine company espouses the different styles from 2D animation videos to white board animation and motion graphics. Yum Yum videos studio is located in the capital of Argentine, Buenos Aires.

                              The history of the founding of the platform dates back to 2010. In that time, in an apartment was conceived the idea of the creating of Yum Yum videos by several animators who started working for a variety of international companies. The squad of the in-house team is comprised of the functions like Art Director, Head of Production, Head of animators etc.

                              The excellence, passion for work of making animated videos, and the complicated and unusual way of thinking precisely describe the Yum Yum company.

                              8. Epipheo

                              One of the first animation companies that are located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Epipheo in a rapid manner accomplished a lot in the industry and became one of the world´s largest video agencies. The main goal of the company is to find and understand the message of persons who came to Epipheo and help them to elaborate a project.

                              This platform has a great animated process at disposal through which everything functions effectively and coherently. Also worth mentioning the squad of Epipheo which is consisted of talented people and creatives who work hard behind the scenes every day in order to bring epiphany to life: writers, sound engineers, composers, and many more.

                              Working over a cup of coffee in an article about Animation Studios

                              The company is always ready to work with various ideas and in a different ways. It can be Brand Video, Social Video ADS or Animated Explainer Video.

                              9. Breadnbeyond

                              Indonesian explainer video company that has elaborated more than 3000 different videos and has worked with plenty of startups from all over the world.

                              Meanwhile, Breadnbeyond offers affordable prices but with high-quality animations. Besides, the company provides eight animation styles from clean and simple graphics to more complex ones. Nowadays, Breadnbeyond is skilled in creating Cartoon, Motion Graphics, Kinetic typography, 2D and 3D visualization, etc.

                              Animated explainer videos are filled with creativeness and they are gradually becoming more detailed and colorful.

                              Back in 2008, Breadnbeyond was considered like dark horses but from 2018 this company is delighted with the results that the platform has achieved. Every months  Breadbeyond produces approximately 30 explainer videos , even more.

                              10. Darvideo animation studio

                              These guys for many years meet clients expectations and impress them with smart, funny, and elaborate animated videos. They help brands to communicate value these companies have, to explain ideas and to achieve extreme results.

                              The company has been awarded many times, including with Clutch award for best Eastern European studio in the field. Over the 10 years of existence the company successfully finished over 700 projects and animated 30 000 seconds, which is, to be honest, super impressive.

                              Animation studio

                              Darvideo animation studio practically has no limits: they work not only with animation styles, but also write scripts and develop plot lines, if needed. They make explainer videos, cartoons, character animation, commercials, TV spots and promotional videos, video infographics, 2d graphics and animation, flash animation.

                              Today the company thrives, and creates lots of original ideas.


                              To crown it up, the all above-mentioned companies have managed to elaborate lot of qualitative videos in spite of the all difficulties that our planet has faced up to.

                              These companies are making animation marketing industry and set the standards for the things that clients are looking for. If you want to know what is going in the top of marketing animating, you know where to look now.

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