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                              What are the best types of content for YouTube brand channel?

                              YouTube has become a fruitful field where a viewer can find any content. If you are only starting your journey with a brand channel, you will encounter an extraordinary number of possibilities, as well as obstacles and requirements. There is no advantage in doubling content you already made and placing it on YouTube. We are going to explore what you can do and why it is important to diversify your content on Youtube.

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                              The amount of content presented on YouTube is staggering. There are at least two distinctive types of content by genre: filmed and animated content. When brands have to decide the type of content they want to produce, they will probably have to choose between these two. But one can combine the two as well. For example, a talking head is giving a speech, and on the background, we see animation accompanying the words. The number of combinations are infinite.

                              Animation is no longer perceived as something that is made for a younger audience. In fact, many brands turn to this medium because it can relate to any topic way more creatively than a live video. The emotional quality of these mediums is also quite different. In any case, video versus animation is one of the questions that almost every brand faces in the beginning.

                              Besides the way content looks, it differentiates by its format. The format helps a viewer to understand how much they want to watch it. The format could be entirely entertaining (the subject of this particular article) or provide the audience with information. In each case, the direction you take as a brand channel will have a massive impact on how the audience will receive your message. The Nike YouTube brand channel that we are going to discuss later almost entirely avoids entertainment, but instead focuses on inspirational and aesthetic aspects of the field.

                              Some brand channels are not making videos about the product that made them familiar to the broad audience. They produce content that supports their image or only associates with the products — for example, the Red Bull channel. You will barely find a video on their channel that is dedicated to the drink. They show cool guys that ride on showy peaks. Let’s say the Red Bull channel is purely fashion-conscious; they don’t talk about new drinks on the YouTube channel by choice. It is just a good example of a brand channel that has another content instead of what you already recognize them for.  The eco brand channel, instead of talking about its products, just give away some advice on the related subject.

                              This is the tactical approach many brands use. The animating force of this approach is to make subscribers interested in the brand as a whole rather than continually concentrated on its achievements and the quality of the products.

                              The criteria for making interesting content

                              To grab a viewer’s attention is not a piece of cake. It doesn’t mean that the audience would watch only high-brow, sophisticated videos. It means that YouTube is full of videos and new content always, literary every minute, pop-up everywhere. Did you know that a number of people who use YouTube –  like, exactly 1,335,000,000? Every minute channels on YouTube upload more than 300 hours of content. Therefore, the content you are planning on making has to satisfy a set of different criteria and requirements. They depend on your country, your targeted audience, and topics you are likely to cover.

                              The criteria are very different – they include each parameter of a single video. A good channel has properly balanced features. Let’s take a look at some of them.

                              Quality content creation - article "Best types of content for YouTube"

                              The length of the video

                              How long of a video you make depends on the context. Naturally, if the topic requires 3 minutes, you have to give it this time. However, it is not that simple. You have to know whether your audience is ready to spend so much time watching one video. This is a valid consideration since many people refuse to watch too long videos. If you know how much time your targeted audience is ready to dedicate to a video, then you found at least one strong point that may satisfy their expectations. We all know that content is paramount to keeping the channel running smoothly, but the length quite often indicates whether a viewer is ready to open it or not. Thus, before affirming the launch of a new video, think through the best length for the subject.


                              It is a video editing technique that is practically constructing a video to its final look. Montage has always been a critical tool for the cinema. Nowadays, a raise in blogging video manifests itself very much through the way it is montaged. In some way, it can be called a language, because we place a particular montage style to a specific genre. Dynamic montage, no matter what the concept of a video clip, is often drawing more attention to itself.

                              The sound

                              More and more channels value high-quality content. It creates an average level of understanding for the viewers that helps them to filter good content from the not really good. If your video has poorly recorded sound, it is unlikely to be engaging a viewer to watch it. The reason is simple, watchers never look only at content. Today the aesthetics, design, and particular forms of decorations, so to speak, are inseparable from the content. A good video is the sum of the expressive tools that shape the way a viewer looks at it.

                              Because the theme here is around the idea of working YouTube content, let’s jump in and ask the critical question: does the channel have a face that represents its content. How people think of your video coexists with its main feature. If it’s one voiceover, your audience will associate the brand with the voice. If it’s one face… well, you get the idea. If you have carefully picked up a face (or a few faces for that matter) for your brand channel, it is better for your viewers, and it will help them to connect with someone familiar through the time when the content appears.


                              You should consider having several playlists. Playlists indicate that you cover several topics; the range of your content is wide enough to have a little bit for everyone. It is not a superficial matter — even the YouTube algorithm is designed in a way that pays explicitly enormous attention to the playlists.

                              Does your channel include animation or graphics?

                              Animation today is continually gaining popularity. Many brands appreciate highly how cheap the production process and yet produces powerful results. It also immediately makes the video worthy of attention. Animation is capable of being used on any subject.


                              If you have a channel on the English language, that is a significant advantage, even though it doesn’t guarantee you any success. In case your narrative is utilizing another language, we recommend to add subtitles. Not only is it a good SEO move, but a good opportunity for people who don’t understand your language to still be able to understand and enjoy your content.

                              The type of channel

                              What is it exactly? How would you define your channel?  Does it have a storytelling type of structure, or an interview, live video, blog? Maybe it’s an entertaining channel? To know this is critical for brand awareness. Perhaps you have been mulling over combining several of these.

                              A theme that unified all the videos

                              You can have many playlists on your channel, but one theme uniting them all will do wonders for your brand.

                              It would be wrong to leave this topic without drawing attention to the more complex arrangements of criteria with the subjects of the brand channel. In some cases, the usage of particular things – motion design or character animation, for instance, is more appropriate than in the others.

                              What kind of content brands create to support their image?

                              The way you build your relationship with the audience is not restricted by any existing forms of interaction between brands and subscribers. You are always free to invent your own too. The nature of YouTube is more about entertaining than anything else. So, let’s see how differently YouTube channels interact with their audiences using an entertaining approach.

                              Ideas for YouTube | Darvideo Blog

                              Nintendo brand channel focuses its efforts mainly on highlighting the latest news from the game industry, but there are several curious playlists on the channel. It’s how-to series of videos, character for everyone, and even soundtrack to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Why choosing such an approach instead of talking about the Nintendo video game consoles? Mostly to make the connection with fans deeper. If the channel was only about game consoles, it might be interesting for the bunch of those who find pleasure in the technology at the same level as in the games. But Nintendo has an audience that plays the games. To talk about the games and around the topics of the games with fans – what could be more engaging for them?

                              Purple  – “The world’s most scientifically comfortable mattress” is not the same as Nintendo, certainly. But the way they use their channel is fabulous. The brand uses humor to tell about mattresses, like in the video called “Reunite With The Comfort You Thought Was Dead.” This is an utterly promotional channel that draws attention to the product in very creative ways. Check out the video “How to Use a Raw Egg to Determine if Your Mattress is Awful”! The channel is very entertaining, but it is necessitated by the approach the brand chose to implement.

                              GoPro features many playlists on different subjects. They have released several series on the rides and travels on bikes and bicycles. The approach is pretty much the same: they won’t talk a lot about the camera – there is a playlist about this, but would make a lot of entertaining content. Just to support the image they travel and show what the camera can do instead of talking about it. This brand channel is further proof that marketing is not enough only to promote a product. You should think about inventing a whole new area of your product.

                              Netflix launched fake trailers, music lessons as a part of the content that entertains people on the channel. Besides, they make specials on holidays where beloved actors take place in rather unusual things. The Netflix brand channel does not concentrate on trailers only or previews to new films. We have to say that ideas are compelling enough to make the viewer’s experience one of rewards even on the Netflix YouTube channel.

                              Red Bull has divided its YouTube activity into many channels. On the main channel with nine million subscribers, we see the wildest of adventures: snowy peaks, bikes, surfing, cars, running – all of that is involved. They also have one animated playlist. Red Bull cartoons have always been a treat for an eye. It is also an example of how different can be the activity of the brand on YouTube. It’s merely interesting to watch.

                              The Nike brand channel on YouTube features many inspirational videos because it’s what they have branded themselves as in recent years. But that’s not all. Nike has its own music playlist on the channel, sport changes everything series, like Nike move. Even though we are talking here about the huge brand that has influence all over the world, they still make quite diverse content to keep people interested not just in their products, but in the brand as a whole.

                              Talking about Nike is impossible without discussing the vast space they took to bind the name of the brand to the sport in the entire world. The aesthetics of the brand, many pure inspirational  commercials, where nothing is being promoted, make people associate the brand with many things rather than with one product. The YouTube channel is one of these examples.

                              Lego is an example of a highly creative approach to content making. You can find here animated content, Lego in space videos, Lego ideas on Lego fanTube, and more. This is the channel that no so much about representing the product, but making people more interested in it. In pursuit of supporting the brand, creators make incredibly arty decisions. Today we can see that LEGO as a brand worked really well: there are even movies about characters from the LEGO world. Their YouTube channel is a fantastic way to show how to promote a product without actually talking about it.

                              It is time to pause in our exploration of the ways brands use to support themselves. Let’s take a look at how different non-brand channels understand entertaining content. It is not the same approach as brands undertake. The YouTube channels that dedicate its content to entertainment only is very different. Just to see the apparent differences let’s take a little dive into the depths of the YouTube entertaining channels.

                              The Slow Mo Guys with 13 million followers who look on their crazy and impressive experiments is an excellent example of classic YouTube entertaining content. It is not entirely funny, the concept is very interesting: they are slowing the action to 2,500 frames per second, giving the viewer an incredibly unique perspective on dynamic things. They have several playlists, all of them unified by one theme but divided into slightly different topics. For example, they have a playlist called super slow motion.

                              Screen junkies – is a kind of channel that combines 2d or 3d animated and live video. The guys here claim to make honest trailers about movies and cartoons that are both old and new. This is a channel where you can enjoy fascinating montage, a different perspective on the things you knew before you become familiar with the content here. What makes this content entertaining is their imaginative narrative between famous cartoon characters. Even though the main idea behind the channel is mocking the way trailer industry works, Screen Junkies also has several playlists.

                              As you might notice, the concepts of entertainment show a specific premise that provides viewers with a unique view on something as well as humor. There is a big difference between entertaining content on the brand channels and channels that focuses on it as a leading content. With this approach, brand channels widening the topics they can talk about is the primary way of interacting with the audience.

                              YouTube brand channel - What content is needed?


                              Now we see that to make excellent content, the more engaging topics a brand can cover on YouTube, the better for its image.

                              To sum up the effects of content that support the image of the brand, we can only ask you to take a look at subscribers’ activity on these channels. Millions of people watch all these videos, not for the sake of the product, obviously.

                              If you are running a brand channel on YouTube, we can only recommend revising your content regularly. Develop the habit to test it as though you had never seen these topics and videos before, to see how well they work for your audience. If you want to improve your channel content vastly, concentrate on how it framed.

                              The brands offer additional value to their audience – not only the product, which is their main activity, but useful information, entertainment, educational lessons. This is how you teach viewers to see you – how different you can be, and how many things you can cover. Eventually, your audience will get your value fully as a brand.

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