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                              When animated video fits best of all: Goods and services that can’t be filmed but can be greatly promoted with animated videos

                              When do you need an animated video? | Darvideo studio blog

                              Today, video ad positions are becoming stronger, and business owners are more likely to create advertisements than texts and billboards. We want to tell you about our thoughts on commercials and share our experience in this area.

                              There are three types of promotional videos: screensaver, animation, and production.

                              Screensaver are the cheapest way. It is usually used when advertising time is limited, up to ten seconds. In this version, there is no place for a flight of fantasy, plot and other tricks. If you just need to declare a product as it is.

                              Animation videos are an actively developing genre. They look good because you can show anything. Any fantasy can be converted into 2D or 3D graphics. The duration of such videos is on average 2-3 minutes, and the cost of creation is quite affordable.

                              The last and so far the most popular genre is production. It is the most familiar commercial for the viewer. A production movie is determined by the presence of actors in the frame. The combination of production and computer graphics is widespread in advertising. Creating a production clip is not predictable in terms of costs. If famous actors, director, and cameraman are involved, then the price can be very high.

                              No wonder we wrote that animated videos are gaining popularity. This is a kind of middle ground between a screensaver and production. Such a video will not cost you much, but at the same time, it will have an idea, a plot. It can be made for every taste and color and it will fit into any page, whether a website or facebook.

                              Still, these videos are more useful and have less information noise. In animation, no one will say worn phrases: “premium quality powder” or “providing professional accounting services”. The video will clearly show the viewer the product benefits. Thus, the animated ad helps to find a solution to a customer problem and will lead to a purchase more actively.

                              Besides, there are goods for which ordinary advertising videos will not work, but the animation will be just right. We even made a small list of such products.

                              Video on different devices - an article about Animated Video

                              Mobile apps video marketing

                              If you are a mobile application developer, then animated videos are great for advertising. Explainers perfectly describe the essence of the product. Especially, if you need to show the process or the principle of working with the application. People will be much more interested in watching the video than looking through the screenshots of the interface or reading the description on the App store. Besides, such a movie is economical to create and will pay off faster.

                              Digital Services Marketing

                              Here we mean SEO, SMM, Display Advertising, targeted advertising, etc. It just so happens that such companies most often use explainers. The reason is that with the help of animation you can perfectly show the principle of the company, talk about the latest achievements. In the explainer, you can show statistics, graphs, data and this will not be boring due to good animation and drawing.

                              Outsourcing Services Marketing

                              Most of all small offices that provide outsourcing services use explainers. It is economically viable for them. In two minutes you can put together information about the company and how it can specifically help the client. For example, if you provide accounting services, then in the format of an animated video you can talk about the main achievements and successful working methods. Similarly, this applies to administrative services, customer support, etc.

                              Design studio and development studio

                              You can’t come up with anything better for advertising a design studio than an animated video! This option can show your experience from the best angle. Imagine that your already good design comes to life, complemented by creative elements and looks even brighter and more interesting. With the help of an animated ad, you can show the process of creating a design or program and show your unique.

                              IT news and technologies video marketing

                              Reinvented a toothbrush? Or come up with a safer water purifier? Created a cool smartwatch and wonder how they will be promoted? We have an answer – explainer animated video. With the help of such a video, you can explain the essence of your technology, depict all its beneficial aspects and show the favor of its use.

                              Start-ups video promotion

                              Based on everything that was told above, we can conclude that the explainers are ideal for something new. It is better to promote by animation any of your product or service that is new. This will cheaper. And the result will be better. Instead of complicated production videos, it’s better to show the essence schematically or with the help of stories. We can say that another important advantage of animated videos is comprehensibility.

                              Cash Services

                              Here we include Internet banking, banking applications, bitcoin exchanges, brokerage exchanges, bookmakers. The list goes on and on. All types of services and goods that relates to making money or money transfers are best advertised with the help of animation. You can make a video in the style of your brand, talk about statistics and pleasant bonuses from using your product.

                              Saas Projects video marketing

                              If you have created a new organizer, a board for teamwork, or any other application that will facilitate the work of a team, then you should think about creating an animated video about it. With the help of diagrams and charts, you can well reveal about such a product. Or you can show the story of a startup team whose life your product will make easier. Any of these options will equally attract the client.

                              Promotions and discounts

                              We specifically brought this type of service to a separate level. Let’s imagine that you have a movie theater and you decide to launch a series of discounts and a bonus system. You even made an application for this. This service is better to advertise by using an animated video. In it, you can talk about all the programs and how to use them. Such a movie can be twisted directly in the cinema.

                              Video marketing in medical products and services

                              Medicine is one of the fastest-growing areas for animated explainer videos. And we think that advertising for medical developments or cure should not lag. An animated video can reveal the essence of new drugs, medical technologies, or even applications that are designed to track the health of the user.

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                              Educational videos for children

                              Probably the best use of animated videos is educational materials. Children will love these videos.

                              They better hold the child’s attention and in a light, playful way to teach them new things. Using these videos, you can teach your child how to count, read, or even learn foreign languages.

                              We have described only the largest industries for which animated videos are suitable. There are many other areas. As a conclusion, we can say that for everything new it is better to use animated advertising. If you have a desire to create an explainer for your product – contact us and together we will help you create a great animated explainer video!

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                              kddgsmvjh 06.01.2021 at 21:53

                              When animated video fits best of all: Goods and services that can’t be filmed but can be greatly promoted with animated videos.
                              Thank you for the interesting article.

                              Willie Doxer 20.09.2021 at 02:26

                              Well, it’s really true. It is not always possible to shoot video. But animation is appropriate everywhere.

                              Sen Persons 20.09.2021 at 07:16

                              You convinced me with your statements. This is a worthy article.

                              Ilona Mocon 20.09.2021 at 18:47

                              I have been following this blog for a long time. You do a great job with it. So keep going in the same direction.

                              Harry Nect 22.09.2021 at 09:44

                              I think this list can be extended. Animation is suitable for almost all areas.

                              Jean Merson 25.09.2021 at 11:36

                              I love animated commercials. It is modern. Ordinary videos with real characters are out of date.

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