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                              YouTube And Marketing Strategies (Part 2)

                              YouTube And Marketing Strategies (Part 2)

                              To build a flourishing YouTube channel for your brand is one of the most critical stages in the video marketing strategy. Even though there are many successful channels, to achieve such a noble goal is not a piece of cake. To build trust with the audience is hard work. And yet, it’s possible to analyze what has already worked in this marketing area and how to utilize those ideas.

                              Video marketing and branding both have one distinctive trait — they have to catch customers attention at the very first glance. If you want to achieve that, your marketing strategy must be as thorough as possible. We will continue to learn how to build a fantastic brand on YouTube and what kind of experience we can use of those who have been successful.

                              Creating a marketing strategy for YouTube

                              Details you should concentrate on to build a thriving YouTube channel.

                              How much time does a viewer give to a new YouTube channel? It would be fair if he or she takes time to try a few videos to understand whether it is worthy of spending the time or not. But it works the other way around. Basically, to learn how valuable the video, the viewer only needs seconds. If something gets his attention, he will stick around. To keep the audience on your channel, you must create a feature that will present itself as something worthy of the audience’s attention. The first impression in this matter is not just significant, it is also the minimum amount of time for the viewer to understand if something on your channel resonates or not.

                              How can we use this short fraction of time and make the viewer stay on the channel or even subscribe?  Take care of your channel banner. Seriously, it might sound odd at first, but if you sleep on it, you’ll understand how it’s that important. It provides the first, and maybe the most crucial, impression of the channel. So, it must grab their attention and make the viewer want to stay longer.

                              It is the way your audience will perceive the information you want to convey, depending on how planned out your channel is. Tell something catchy about your channel, give information about the time you upload videos (stick with rhythm, and don’t lose it) and share some links. The last advice is no less important than those before it: it gives an idea of what kind of content you find relatable to yours.

                              Most of us are probably familiar with a great channel called Tech Insider. Even though the channel is not entirely immersed in producing marketing animated videos, sometimes that’s what they do. A great example is this video. Using different types of animation (cut-out, infographics, stop-motion) Tech Insider giving us transparent information about the topic of the video—how deep the ocean really is. This video has a lucid structure; each chapter easily explains a relatively hard concept. The reason why we are talking about this video is this: what Tech Insider does in this video is excellent to use in the brand presentation, trailer, or video guide to your product. It conveys information from every possible angle.

                              As another example, let’s take a look on the British channel called Debunked. As you might gather from the title, the main goal is to deconstruct and explain superstitions.  The title itself is critical—it is SEO instrument that can improve or decrease your ranking. By using a slightly humorous approach this channel “investigates the world’s biggest myths, the misconceptions that so many people still think are facts.” What are the things  you want your viewers to learn for your channel? To maximize your impact on viewer activity, make a note to write an “about us” part. As we mentioned below, the trailer is an excellent way to introduce yourself to the audience.

                              “About us” is a vital way to show your values, your intentions, and general attitude to your followers. Put your central concept in a keyword and place it right in the first part of the description.

                              Give attention to a playlist. It is important not to forget that Youtube Playlist is an equally important marketing tool as any other section we discussed in this article. Think of it this way: in a playlist, you are telling a story by using separate videos as different chapters. Playlists also have a bit of a trick in its nature — it plays automatically, so it may be a good way to get the viewer to watch multiple videos instead of watching just one. The school of life has a great example of how you can arrange playlists. Simple topics and engaging animation styles make this channel among the most popular ones with over 4,715, 724 followers.

                              Have you ever noticed how in the very end of a video YouTubers say “If you like this video, please click the like button and subscribe”? As dull as it may sound, it is also an important trick that is considered a clever marketing tool. It is a way to engage the audience, and encourage them to make an action.

                              The last thing we want to emphasize is that if you want your video strategy to work, do not mix all your social media accounts. We strongly recommend separating your YouTube channel from the other pages. By separate, we also mean not to repeat the content from the other branding platforms. YouTube, as a medium, offers excellent possibilities to create and share your unique content.

                              Marketing Video - article "Marketing Strategy for YouTube"


                              YouTube is still one of the best platforms where you can focus your marketing strategies. To build trusting relationships with the audience by introducing your product and a team is much easier with videos than with any other medium. It can help you get a significant number of shares; therefore, it can help to grow your audience and provide confidence in what you do. YouTube is the best platform for generating awareness for your video and brand. It works flawlessly on every search level — an organic search as good as in-app and onsite.

                              Think of your YouTube channel as the best way to interact with the audience those who are already present and those who are about to become a part of your viewing audience.

                              The advantages you get with YouTube can be huge. This medium can help your brand build in-depth relationships with customers and the audience.

                              Getting things right in YouTube may seem like a daunting task at first, but with some effort, all the pieces will fall into place. Try to apply our findings into your project, and one day you will find your channel and brand a thriving one.

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