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                              Animation advertisements

                              What is the difference between this type of video and others?

                              Animation videos in general, can take any amount of screen time and can be made on any topic. Animation Advertisements or commercials, on the other hand, are usually 15-60 seconds long and are focused on promoting the products or services of a company. Animation advertisements are an entertaining and creative way of advertising or promoting a specific product because they keep the audience engaged. Brands use these ads in promotional campaigns on TV and social media.

                              The history of animation advertisements

                              Animation has been around for thousands of years, starting from the cave drawings found in the Paleolithic era where animals’ legs were drawn in positions of motion. Fast forward to 1603, and technology became involved in animation as the magic lantern came into being. This device projected images from glass sheets.

                              The history of animation advertisements. Commercial Animation

                              Moving forward to the 20th century, and this is known as the Golden Age of American Animation. When Mickey Mouse made history in 1928, it became one of the first animations to come with sound printed on the film. After this many other famous cartoons like Popeye and Bugs Bunny. In the 1960s the Flintstones became the first animated cartoon to be regularly aired on primetime television. From the 1980s onwards CGI revolutionized animation and we saw the birth of famous cartoons like The Simpsons.

                              The Simpsons | 1980 | Animation advertisements

                              Why do animation advertisements beat the usual video ads?

                              Animation advertisements are so powerful because they can entertain the audience in just a few seconds. They are viewed more often than other video ads because the viewer enjoys watching something unique, beautiful, and fun. This is all part of the creative freedom that other mediums can’t match. The characters in Animation adverts cannot be plagiarized and this makes your brand and your animation unique.

                              Great examples

                              Honda gives the flipbook idea a whole new meaning and illustrates its evolution over 6 decades in this advertisement titled ‘Paper’ that although doesn’t sell a particular product but still manages to keep the audience entranced by selling their brand.

                              Chipotle, an American food company famous for its burritos keeps the audience glued to this advert till the end. Notice how you don’t really know what the advertisement is about till the very end and that’s a job well done by the Animators behind it.

                              This advertisement created for the Singapore market is a basic example of an animation advertisement created by McDonald’s that educated the viewers on how to use their app.

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