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                              Animation Explainers

                              What is an animated explainer video?

                              An Animation Explainer Video is a big part of the world of animation. Explainer videos are usually short videos, that as the name states, explain or present information about a business. These videos are used for promotional and advertising purposes. These animation videos can advertise a specific part of your company or the whole business. Many businesses use these videos to tell their business stories as well.

                              Animated explainer video about Slack

                              2D VS 3D animated explainer

                              Animated explainers can be made in 2D and 3D forms. Explainer Videos that are rendered in 3D are 3D explainer videos. They have height, depth, and weight and look much closer to reality. And visuals created in a 2-dimensional environment are 2D explainer videos even if they are hand-drawn or computer-created. Animation Explainer Videos are found in almost all sectors, including but not limited to Healthcare, Nonprofit organizations, Finance and Corporate sector, human resources, tech, and security, etc.

                              3D animated explainer

                              What industries mostly use animation explainers?

                              Animation Explainer Videos in the Healthcare sector can make connecting easier between doctors, patients, and office staff. Small things like scheduling an appointment, or providing insurance information can get overwhelming and explainer videos can help make these tasks easy. Nonprofit Organizations can use these videos to tell their stories to connect with the audience’s emotions. This can help them generate funds for their causes. Technological advancements are taking place every day and it can be hard to understand how to operate them, so animated explainer videos can be a great way to explain to the viewers. You can use these videos to educate the users on how to best use the product. In the finance and corporate sector, animated explainer videos can help educate the public on the basics of personal finance and other financial topics. Moreover, businesses can also use explainer videos to introduce new policies and frameworks to their employees.

                              Animated explainer video for a non-profit organization

                              Explainer video for the company’s employees

                              Pros/cons of the animation medium to explain complex ideas?

                              Creating an animation to explain such intricate concepts can be time-consuming and expensive but you have to remember that explaining complex phenomena through visuals makes it easier for the audience to understand. The human mind tends to retain information shared through pictures and videos more as compared to texts.

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