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                              Technology Animated Explainer Videos

                              Technology Animated Explainer Videos

                              Technology animated explainer videos help innovative companies showcase their new inventions and sophisticated technologies to the world. They are key to growing your customer base and increasing conversions. When you are selling or marketing complex technologies or solutions, especially disruptive in nature, it can be very challenging to explain and illustrate how your tech product works. But you can succeed in doing that if you include animated explainer videos in your marketing strategy.

                              Explainer videos that use 2D and 3D animations have the power to simplify complex ideas and abstract concepts. That’s why they are ideal for companies that offer innovative technology solutions. Whether you want to explain the functions of an internal combustion engine, tell how different types of HDDs and SSDs work, or examine the technologies that can make a flight to Mars a reality, animated explainer videos will do it perfectly. Using eye-catching graphics, you can avoid complicated and boring explanations and walls of written text and introduce your complex products to consumers in an engaging, entertaining, and easy-to-understand way.

                              How Can Tech Companies Use Technology Animation Explainer Videos?

                              By telling a memorable story, tech animated explainer videos can make a powerful impression on your website visitors and clearly communicate who you are, what your mission is, how you can solve your potential customer problems, and how different your offering is from your competitors. The best thing is that such explainer videos are versatile, and tech companies can use them on different channels to accomplish a variety of goals. You can add them to your website and social media profiles and use them at trade shows and presentations.

                              Landing Pages

                              An animation video that explains your technology solution is great for introducing your company and helping prospects learn about your products. Tech companies use such videos to explain key features of their products and highlight the benefits for consumers. Of course, it’s possible to do the same with a well-written marketing copy, but videos do it in a much more engaging and streamlined manner. Visually appealing animated videos instantly grab the viewer’s attention and encourage them to stay on a web page for longer. You can use them to convince your leads to subscribe to your email marketing list, fill in a contact form, or follow your company on social media.

                              Customer Onboarding

                              A great way to provide more value to existing customers is by creating a technology animated explainer tutorial for your complicated or intangible product. Not all customers are tech-savvy and they will be looking for step-by-step instructions on how to use a specific product. Animated videos can communicate such useful information in an easily accessible and simple to understand way. Informative explainer or demo videos help internet users make the most out of your new technology – they provide the necessary support to ensure that your customers can accomplish key tasks, using your products. When you help your clients use your technology to its full potential, you increase their satisfaction and build loyalty. Happy clients are more likely to recommend tech solutions they use to other people and buy more products from that brand, and that results in positive effects on the company’s bottom line.

                              FAQ Pages

                              FAQ pages that provide clear answers to most common customers’ questions are a must-have for any business website. But if you add a tech video to customer FAQ pages on your website, you are sure to improve their customer experience and make their visiting your website enjoyable and memorable. An animated explainer video can help internet users find the answers to the most important questions anywhere, 24/7. FAQ explainer videos will help your customers solve problems using your product and make the most out of your innovative technology. Moreover, that will save your customers a lot of time and can reduce support requests, taking the burden off your company’s customer service teams. Besides, your customers will appreciate that you care for them and want to educate them about your product, making their lives easier. This approach will help you increase customer satisfaction and retention and boost your revenue.

                              Benefits of Using Explainer Videos for Tech Companies

                              Wondering whether it is worth it to create a tech animated explainer video for your organization? Certainly. It’s common knowledge that today’s consumers would rather watch a video than read about a product, especially if it’s a complicated or intangible one. Videos not only educate an audience about products and services in an engaging way, but they also entertain people and have the power to influence their purchasing decisions.

                              Here are some convincing stats.

                              • According to surveys, more than 72% of internet users find video content more engaging and easy-to-understand.
                              • 81% of marketers admit video content helps them generate more leads and help users understand their products better.
                              • 68% of people say they prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching a video.
                              • Approximately 80% of consumers expect videos from the brands they trust.
                              • About 69% of people are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

                              Animated explainer videos are informative and entertaining at the same time, and they are not just simple how-to tutorials, but rather persuasive and highly digestible pitches that address viewers’ pain points and explain how a specific product, process, or service can be an effective solution. They give your business a friendly face and promote your products, encouraging prospects to learn more about them without a hard sell. Animated explainer videos combine eye-catching graphic imagery, beautiful music, relevant typography, and convincing voiceover to tell an unforgettable story to help your prospects get the big picture of what you offer and understand how you can make their life easier.

                              Final Word

                              Tech explainer video can help anyone understand your technology innovations in just 60-90 seconds. Explainer videos help companies promote their new advanced products and services and showcase how their solutions can solve their customers’ problems. They can help you show off what your technology can do. Short explainer videos are perfect marketing tools to increase brand awareness, build trust and credibility, and establish lasting relationships with customers.

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