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                              Aspect Ratio

                              Aspect Ratio

                              What is the definition of aspect ratio?

                              Simply put, the aspect ratio is the proportion of the screen’s height to breadth. Thus, the aspect ratio is defined as; the proportions of the screen (16:9, for example) or the x:1 format (1.77:1, for example). We’d usually say “1.77” in the latter scenario and leave out the “:1” component.

                              In a nutshell, 16:9 and 1.77 refer to the same thing.

                              What do the various aspect ratios mean?

                              Aspect ratios come in various sizes, but the most popular are 4:3, 16:9, and 2.33:1.

                              Aspect ratios in various sizes: 4: 3, 16: 9 and 2.33: 1.


                              The first (4:3), often known as standard definition, is no longer widely utilized. It is because it was the ratio at which manufactured vintage television. This ratio does not utilize in any recent movies or TV episodes. However, could use it to make a video that appears to be old. Thus, giving it a retro appearance.


                              The most common aspect ratio does find in all HD formats, including HD720, HD1080, and 4K. In addition, most TV shows, web videos, and some films use this aspect ratio.

                              Aspect ratios of various sizes: 4: 3, 16: 9.


                              This wide aspect ratio gives a film a considerably more cinematic look and does commonly employ in movies.

                              Widescreen aspect ratios

                              I chose 2.35:1 as one of the most popular widescreen ratios, but there are many more to consider, including 2.59, 1.85, 2.76, 2.20, and more. You can experiment with them to find which one you prefer.

                              Which should you choose?

                              The aspect ratio you choose does mainly determine by the goal you’re attempting to achieve. Whether you want to go with the HD ratio of 16:9 or any other widescreen ratio is really up to you.

                              Most internet video applications (such as vlogging, tutorials, hilarious sketches, explainer videos, puppy videos, family videos, and so on) should employ the standard 16:9 aspect ratio. You should only consider employing the widescreen ratio if you want to create a cinematic effect.

                              A cinematic look isn’t appropriate for every film. A dramatic cinematic aspect ratio, for example, does not assist comedies or romantic comedies. Epic action pictures, on the other hand, do profit from this.

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