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                              WEB VIDEO

                              WEB VIDEO


                              A Web video is a short, recorded, viewable file linked to a website or an electronic message to educate or transfer visual information from one user to another.

                              It is a broad term for the field of digital video transmission over the internet, which exists in several formats, with the most notable including MPEG-4AVC, AVCHD, FLV, and MP4. In addition, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, and Youku are just a few web video hosting sites available.

                              Web video popular context

                              Web video consumption is one of the most popular internet activities worldwide. The number of web video watchers worldwide surpassed 2.6 billion in 2019 and does expect to surpass 3.1 billion by 2023.

                              Due to the impractically high bandwidth needs of uncompressed video, realistic web video streaming was only made viable with breakthroughs in data compression. The discrete cosine transform, a type of lossy compression first proposed by Nasir Ahmed, is the essential compression technology that enabled realistic web video streaming for clarity and understandability of the watchers.

                              Web video usage

                              In animation, a web video represents multiple steps in a complex process, demonstrates a basic marketing message, or moves items around on a web page naturally and fluidly as people scroll.

                              • Showcase the personality of your organization and brand.
                              • Demonstrate how to use your products and services.
                              • Should provide customer testimonials.
                              • Give yourself the chance to stand out from the crowd.
                              • Develop a relationship with customers and earn their trust.

                              Web videos do typically dedicate to a particular topic and purpose, such as news, education, commerce, entertainment, or social networking.

                              Having web videos on your website is very important, mainly if your business deals with a subject many people find boring, such as website development. The use of videos on your website will also help page rank and your overall search engine optimization.

                              What is the point of making animated videos?

                              Suppose you’re in charge of creating a content plan with a broad mix of deliverables. In that case, the animation will always be an attractive and cost-effective option for live-action video production.

                              Animation, like motion graphics, is a captivating technique to tell a story by allowing you to accomplish things that you couldn’t do in real life.

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