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                              Ease is not an uncommon word. You have used it in English sentences. The question remains, what is Ease in the world of Animation? The good thing about the techniques of Animation is that it is closely related. You can connect one word with the other.

                              Definition of Ease in the world of Animation

                              Ease is spacing the in-between drawings in a pose so that the anime attains elusiveness of timing and hastened motions.

                              Full Definition

                              Easing is the process of making an animation not so severe or pronounced. That motion in Animation is what is called Ease. The movement that starts slowly and accelerates is called Ease in, while that that states fast and then slows down is what they term as Ease out. Ease in and ease out are the terms used in digital Animation to explain the physics of how two animation states transition.

                              It is the linearity of in between. Here is a photo that elaborates more.

                              Explanation of the term in the animation "Ease"

                              Where is Ease Mostly Used?

                              As we have seen, its uses are primarily in the animation world. Easing is a technique that animators must master. It helps the Animation feel more natural and authentic, taking away any boring factor.
                              Ease in and Ease out is paramount in animation videos. It enhances a character to look believable. It is true to say that easing gives life to Animation.

                              Animators use a curve editor in the technique to Ease-in-out (another term used to describe easing). Animators prefer using computer software that will assist in the animation process.

                              Where Else is the term Ease used?

                              Ease is a common word in the English language. Apart from its meaning in Animation, it has three other purposes. One is to move carefully. The different meaning is the absence of difficulty. For example, in a sentence, Computer software eases the process of easing in Animation.
                              The other meaning is to make something to be less unpleasant. You know, like relief. Also, this is the meaning nearest to ease in Animation since easing makes motion or movement in Animation flow easily or with less severity.

                              In conclusion

                              The easing technique’s typical objective is to make the anime look real.

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