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                              Landing Page Video

                              If you’ve been on YouTube, Instagram, or even Facebook, you’ll see videos that direct you to specific products and specific pages. These videos are known as landing page videos and help to refer customers to your page.

                              Landing page videos are, in essence, videos created and illustrated with the core purpose of attracting the attention of potential consumers to a specific service or product. In the world of animation, landing page videos are a quick and highly effective way for companies to gain consumers’ attention.

                              At its core, a good landing page video is an animated video that is clear and concise in showing you how a product is supposed to work in a short period. If done correctly, landing page videos can be vital in garnering a higher level of success for any business.

                              How To Create Landing Page Videos

                              The process to create a landing page video can be very simple if you have the core elements in place. First, you need to have a specific audience in mind and create a script that will catch your audience’s attention. The next step is to create an animation that will relay the message you are trying to give without using too much text.

                              Animators have the task of creating an animation that perfectly captures the message you are trying to convey easily and simplistically. The animation and the actions that the animation makes must be overly complicated gestures that clearly illustrate how to use the product or service that is being demonstrated.

                              Text can lead to distraction which is not something that you want. So, the more simplified and easier to understand your video, the better.

                              Where People Use Landing Page Videos

                              Landing page videos get used in a multitude of ways. For example, animators have used landing page videos to attract customers on platforms such as the ‘Eat It!’ Video by the platform Genius Publicity or the BNA Smart Payments marketing video. Landing page videos are on the main page of a business’ website that advertises its services in a modern way.

                              Genius Publicity Landing Page Video

                              BNA Smart Payments marketing video

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