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                              Plexus Animation

                              Short definition

                              Plexus is a complicated structure with an extensive system of elements that are connected by a network. As a result, a plexus animation is a film that shows how various parts come together to form a solid object or scene. The graphics you see in one of these are made up of a series of lines that connect to specific spots within the object’s or scenery’s structure.

                              Full definition and explanation

                              This type of video can be utilized by stores in virtual fitting rooms or by furniture dealers so that clients can see how a piece will fit into their space right away. Even if they are still in the planning stage, home builders can create virtual tours of their blueprints. This type of film is a terrific way to demonstrate the product in as realistic a setting as possible.

                              Popular context

                              Plexus animations are prominent in security and analytical videos that employ data to inform a viewer of a particular fact. They’re also utilized in the medical profession in a variety of ways to show specific body systems, such as the nervous system’s connectivity or the vast network of blood vessels that run throughout the body. Prosthetics also make use of them.

                              They’re also common in the robotics business, where they’re used to explain how specific sections of a moving robot are connected. Lines are the most prominent feature in all of these works.

                              Coolest example

                              This movie demonstrates the versatility of plexus animation. The movements can change shape in response to the sound, as desired by the animator.

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