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                              Post Production

                              Post Production


                              Post-production is the final stage of animated video production. Essentially, it includes everything that happens after completing the primary production.

                              Once you have the animation ready, it has to undergo polishing, editing, the addition of soundtracks and sound effects. The animated video is then formatted to fit various delivery channels. Post-production involves sound engineers, editors, colorists, foley artists, and more. The post-production process varies in terms of affordability because it the size of the project, budget, and area of specialization, including film, video games, or television.

                              Post-production processSource: Cinema-Friends website

                              Post-production steps of animated videos

                              The post-production of animated videos includes various stages, including:

                              • Securing your footage: Once you’re done with the production process, you must store your footage in dependable storage. You can use basic hard drives, spinning hard drives, or a combination of hard drives.
                              • Picture editing: This is the most critical aspect of the entire post-production process. It helps to be familiar with an editor’s work before hiring them to edit the file.
                              • Sound editing: Sound editing follows once you’re done with picture editing. There’s often a lot of work to be done during sound editing. That’s why you must hire the best sound editors to assemble your film, cut dialoguing tracks, remove unwanted noise, and incorporate top-quality sound effects.
                              • Securing music: Working with a composer to help you create an original soundtrack is an excellent move instead of using licensed music.
                              • Sound mixing:  You’ll have to hire the best sound mixers to help you layer each track on top of the other.
                              • Adding VFX: You’ll need a team of artists and engineers to help you add excellent visual effects to your animated video.
                              • Coloring: Coloring can be done before or after VFX depending on the needs of each department. Sometimes, most VFX artists can do the color.
                              • Creating titles, credits, and graphics: Editors will help you create relevant titles, recognition, and graphics for your animated video.
                              • Distribution: We are nearing the end of the post-production process — you have to think about the distribution of your animated video. Please choose the suitable language for your Music and Effects track depending on where you want to sell it.
                              • Advertisement and promotion: You have to work on how you can hook in your audience immediately. Use the best strategies to promote your animated video.

                              Post-production is a critical process that requires skilled personnel if you’re to make huge returns on your animated video.

                              Post Production - definitions and explanationsSource: Beverlyboy website

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