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                              Any object or combination of objects, animation, or a Web button can be used as a symbol. When you make a symbol, all objects (or animations, or Web buttons) become one. The distinction is that Flash keeps the symbol’s definition in the Library. Thus, you can now easily insert numerous copies of the symbol into your video from the Library. A copy is referred to as an instance.

                              Aside from making life easier when you need to utilize a group of objects several times, using symbols significantly reduces your files’ size.

                              Rather than saving each instance of the symbol you use, Flash saves a single definition for the symbol and refers to it each time you display an instance of the symbol. Nesting is the process of placing symbols inside other symbols. Symbols are the building blocks for complex graphics and animation when used in this fashion. Because motion-tweened animation necessitates the use of symbols, groupings, or text, you’ll frequently construct symbols as you prepare to animate.

                              Symbol in animation

                              Different Symbols in Animation

                              Understanding the Different Symbol Types

                              Graphic, movie clip, button, and font are the four sorts of symbols available in Flash. Therefore, grasp symbols and Flash animation, in general, requires an understanding of these types.

                              Using visual symbols

                              The most straightforward and most evident sort of symbol is graphic symbols. On the Stage, you construct objects when making a Flash movie. Backgrounds, for example, may remain motionless. For groups of static items or simple motion, use graphic symbols.

                              Symbols for movie clips

                              A movie clip is similar to a movie that you can control with interactive controls (which you can read about in Chapter 10). For complicated animation and incredibly interactive animation, movie clips are essential.

                              Symbols for buttons

                              Button symbols are used to make buttons, which are small visuals that you can click on Web pages to get to other pages on the site or the Internet. Can use buttons for this form of navigation in Flash, but can also interact with your site.

                              Symbols in fonts

                              A font symbol is a symbol that allows you to export a typeface for use in various Flash movies. It is helpful if you want to use the same typeface in many Flash movies on the same Web page.

                              Alternative for symbol

                              A material object symbolizes something, especially something immaterial; emblem, token, or sign; something used for or considered representing something else.

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