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                              Website video

                              Website video


                              A website video is a critical tool used in digital marketing, helping marketers to tell their company’s story and the products/services they offer. Most viewers prefer to watch videos instead of reading text or viewing images.

                              The trend for video consumption is not slowing down yet the transition from text to video is fast increasing because every business wants to have a top-performing website. Internet users don’t want to read long, boring texts because of diminishing attention spans. However, a website video allows visitors to learn more about your brand quickly. Also, it’s the best way to increase interaction on your site and create a visual appeal for your products/services.

                              Businesses are now looking for different ways of creating entertaining and effective experiences related to their brand always. Even more, is to use website video to foster connections and build long-lasting relationships that result in more loyal customers. No matter the company’s vision and core values, video creates connections and builds relationships easily.

                              Video is the best way to rank highly in search engine results. Since Google displays videos in their search results, it creates an opportunity for users to find your video when they type specific search terms and keywords. Also, the video keeps visitors on your site for a long time which ranks you higher on search engines.

                              A website video is easy to share across your networking channels, including social media and email. Creating original videos ensures that you drive more traffic to your site.

                              Website video uses

                              Videos are critical to marketers in various ways:

                              • Boosting online sales: Companies that sell products online cannot underestimate the importance of video on their websites. Since most people prefer learning about a product through video, most E-commerce websites see this as an opportunity to convert visitors into customers. It’s, therefore, necessary to include a website video on all your platforms and share it across many channels to increase your online presence and get close to many customers.
                              • Uniquely telling your story: Most people prefer watching videos to reading large volumes of text. That’s why most marketers are insisting on the use of website video to tell their company’s story and offers in a way text can’t.
                              • Increasing website traffic: A site with large volumes of text only, is more likely to be a turn-off for most site visitors. People want to learn about your business in a few minutes. A website video enables you to attract many visitors to your site.
                              • Improves your SEO ranking: Videos present an excellent opportunity to rank highly on the Google search engine. When users are searching for content, they type specific search terms. Chances are, your video may pop up when they type certain keywords, enabling people to visit your site easily. Besides, your site’s visitors are likely to spend more time on your site because of the video.

                              Find your website video type to boost your website`s conversions due to all of the points above.

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