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                              Have you ever heard of a zoetrope? If you are into animation, you probably have. Let us look into everything we need to know about a Zoetrope.


                              Zoetrope is an ancient form of animation technology. It is a device that produces the illusion of motion by displaying several pictures or drawings in a drum or cylinder container.

                              Full Definition

                              Zoetrope’s first invention was in the year 1834 by a mathematician called William Horner. He originally named it a Dadatelum. Through technology, the “Wheel of the devil” – its initial nickname – was forgotten. In 1867 it was rediscovered, and that is when Pierre Desvignes, a French investor, gave it the name Zoetrope. The name is derived from the Greek word root zoo to mean animal life and trope to mean turning.

                              The Zoetrope has a row of sequential images spun to create the illusion of motion. It depends on the human retina’s retention of an Image for about a tenth of a second.

                              Zoetrope is an ancient form of animation technology

                              Where is Zoetrope Used?

                              Most of Zoetrope’s uses are in the world of animation. An Example of an anime created using a zoetrope is Gertie on tour, humorous phases of funny faces, etc. Zoetrope is also used to make animated GIFs that you have seen in videos and phone apps such as Whatsapp. In addition, it helps in display technology like streaming a video, etc.

                              It is also used in the marketing industries to advertise products through animation. The invention of the zoetrope toy plays the same role in producing the illusion of motion from pictures placed sequentially.

                              Where else is The Term Zoetrope Used?

                              By considering the role of a Zoetrope, it definitely cannot be used elsewhere. It only has that one meaning, a cylinder with pictures.

                              Fun Fact:

                              Zoetrope has brought about the invention of other animation devices. Examples of these devices are a praxinoscope which is an improved version of the Zoetrope. The other example is a Flipbook.

                              The primary takeaway is that a Zoetrope was used and is still used to create motion pictures.

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