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                              10 Amazing Things You Should Know About Animated Explainer Videos

                              We have collected the newest facts about how animated explainer videos work

                              Character Animation in Animated Explainer Video

                              1. Unlike any sales manager, your animated video works 24/7/365.

                              2. People 3 times more efficiently remember the information they have seen in the explainer video rather than reading a text.

                              3. An explainer video on your website increases your site appearance in Google search on 65%.

                              4. Every 3rd user goes online to watch a video content.

                              5. Only on YouTube users watch more than 35 000 000 000 hours of video every month.

                              6. 80% of consumers prefer watching a video to a reading text content.

                              7. On a page with different kinds of content, the user most long time will stick the attention to the animated video.

                              8. It is hard to find a more prominent way to explain complex things easily, than using an explainer video.

                              9. People will 5 times more likely to share your page if it contains an animated video.

                              10. Agree, you personally relax and have fun watching great explainer videos!

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