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                              10 tricks marketing specialists do with video in 2019 to boost the promotion of their new products

                              Animated advertising - an article about product promotion

                              Animated Videos have become the best strategy, not only for Social Media, but for a marketing campaign in general. The reason for the popularity is that animated explainers help companies to tell their story more comprehensively in an entertaining and engaging way. It is known that 65% of people are visual learners, and 90% of the information transferred to the brain is visual.

                              If one takes molecular biologist John Medina’s study into consideration, vision is our dominant sense that takes up half of our brain’s resources, and any visual information is processed 60,000 faster than text. If you take a quick look at the picture below, which of the two images is easier to comprehend?

                              There is an undeniable picture superiority effect in which pictures and images are more likely to be remembered than words and letters. To cut a long story short, there has been an expected alteration towards visual content on social media. Of course, due to a large number of videos trying to catch viewers’ attention, it’s getting more and more challenging to cut through the white noise, so a dull explainer video just won’t do the trick.

                              If you want a result, you need an engaging story, and  animated explainer videos will help you get that. There are numerous reasons why animation influences better than other types of visuals, and the main reason is that animation helps to keep the viewer’s attention. The vast majority of internet users have short attention spans and animation evokes emotions that echo with the viewer, making your audience want to follow the story. Besides, explainers are less known to be a marketing instrument, so people are more likely to pay attention to animated video than to traditional ads.

                              Animated Video Tools to Get You Started

                              In order to be successful, an effective marketing specialist will work with plenty of various templates and strategies of creating explainer videos to boost sales and popularize its brand. There are several things you should keep in mind to make your video strategy successful. So, here are the top ten tricks marketing specialists do with video in 2019 to boost the promotion of new products:

                              1. Keep Your Videos Short

                              As long as Facebook is becoming a fast-growing video platform, your video needs to be nearly 10x shorter than YouTube’s. if you want your video to work, focus on 3 things: short, entertaining, and captivating from the very first second.

                              Your video needs to be nearly 10x shorter - article about video

                              1. Keep the Autoplay in Mind

                              Videos uploaded to social media, as to the one of the most effective channels, start playing automatically in the user’s News Feed. As a video maker, your job is to grasp people’s attention from the very first frame as videos in the News Feed play silently. So the secret is to make the image bright and catchy in order to attract attention without the sound. Animation can really do miracles and the secret is to use it to the fullest.

                              1. Make Different Types of Videos for Different Media Channels:

                              • YouTube is for education
                              • Instagram is for entertaining
                              • Facebook has a personal touch and motivation
                              • Snapchat is for attention

                              If you want to get the most from animated explainer videos, you should create and use different types of videos for different media channels. This way you will embrace the maximum of your audience and see which video works best for your promotion and selling.

                              Advice: create and use different types of videos for different media channels

                              It is important to be up to date with pop culture. People spend a lot of time online and, whether you realize it or not, there is a great power of internet trend culture that directly influences views and sales. Remaining up to date with the newest online memes etc. is a helpful and constructive way to plan the promotion of your products and services. This strategy will highlight your followers that you are on the same page with modern trends and you know what they’re interested in and care about being as significant as possible.

                              Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube have become platforms where influencer marketing dominates a great part of the online community. Celebrities often promote various products and services, becoming ambassadors and etc. But this method is not equally good for all companies, even though online reach can have a profound effect on how a product is viewed.

                              Presenting Your Brand - an article about using video to promote

                              Today, there are lots of bloggers known as “influencers” due to the broad online audience; part of their job is to promote products, but it is vital to make thorough research which online influencer is likely to have the most significant effect on your customers. But anyhow, collaboration with the right Instagram or Facebook Account can be extremely beneficial.

                              1. Have a stable brand voice.

                              Every marketing specialist knows that it is vital to develop and maintain a proper ‘voice’ for your company. Tone consistency of your scripts represents your services and allows your followers to understand brand values. Your customers will come to expect a specific tone from posts, and by continuing with this tone will affirm their belief in you.

                              Comfort and security for your client makes it essential to pre-plan your posts, additions to your Instagram page that are rushed for the sake of adding new content are going to come across as exactly that to your audience. Pre-plan, keep calm and maintain consistency.

                              1. People love Cartoons

                              Animated explainer videos in particular, are an effective and interesting option to get to your customers with your business idea, in a quick, engaging and attractive way. Amongst the wide-ranging variety of explainer video styles, cartoon animation videos are leading in production. What is so great about them is that they can bring emotion and personality to your brand.

                              How to promote a brand?

                              The key to your style belongs to the storytelling technique as it helps to deliver a message by making use of a stunning, cool story that persuades your customers to take the next step. Cartoons are always bright, colorful and clear to your audience even if you want to describe the most difficult thing.

                              1. In Humor We Trust

                              Do you want to increase the engagement of your video? Add a dose of humor! How is that possible? Through script and interesting storytelling with jokes and animation! The great thing about animated explainers is that they give a wide range of alternatives to make your video as catchy and funny as possible. Let your imagination flow and feel free to be funny.

                              Remember: animated videos can help you explain any concept while also entertaining your audience. Have fun!

                              1. Color and high quality

                              Yes, your animated explainer video should be colored, and of course, in a high-quality resolution. It is also important to stick to the company’s brand palette to be more recognizable!

                              1. Empathy

                              Animated characters should be bright on the screen and make the viewer feel the same feeling that they are experimenting: joy, happiness, anxiety, or any other (depending on the story script). So, keep in mind: use animated characters to generate empathy in your audiences. This way you will make them interested in how the character solved their problem, etc.

                              Using animated characters - enhance the effectiveness of the video

                              We have described many benefits of animated explainer videos and what marketing tricks help make them more effective. To get the most out of it all, you should follow every step and keep learning about your audience and the style they like the best. Make sure you apply the tips we’ve just shared!

                              Visit our blog for more information on animated video and marketing trends! Stay tuned!

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