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                              7 key characteristics you should focus on when choosing an animated video company

                              We all know that a video is worth a thousand words, but not all videos are created equal. At first glance, there are a lot of companies that offer animated video services. But how do you know which one is right for your business? One of the most important things to consider when choosing an animated video company is what type of animation they specialize in.

                              Do you want something with clean lines and bright colors to engage your audience? Or do you need something more edgy and dark for your brand’s personality? Choosing a video production company for your project can be a daunting task, and that’s why we created this list of things that you should focus on when hiring an animation studio.

                              1. What is the cost of service?

                              Animation cost - Darvideo blog

                              This is arguably the biggest factor in any sort of financial decision. How much will you be paying? When it comes to choosing an animated video studio, the cost is a little more complicated than usual. That’s because producing an animated video can involve several steps and there might be a charge for each step along the way.

                              You’re not just paying for the animation process, but potentially for the: 

                              • the scriptwriting;
                              • storyboarding;
                              • voice-over work;
                              • art direction;
                              • and much more!

                              If your animation is complex enough to require multiple steps, speak to the company and see if they offer a package deal. This way you get a quote for a finished project and you won’t be hit with any hidden costs along the way.

                              CEO Yuri's comment about animation

                              Here is an example of an animation production stage review from a freelancer, just to create a whole new image of an animation production stage in your head.

                              Note that:

                              It’s interesting how many clients start a discussion with no idea of their working budget. However, if you’re unsure about what type and cost, get quotes from at least three different video production companies to estimate market rates for your project.

                              2. What is the size and quality of their portfolio?

                              Darvideo studio portfolio

                              This is a crucial factor to look for in a video production company. The size and quality of their portfolio indicate how big and reputable the company is. If you’re looking for a small company, you want to go with one that has many videos in its portfolio. A good portfolio is an excellent way to get a feel for the talent of the company.

                              You can see:

                              • How they handle different styles
                              • If their animations are on time and of high quality
                              • The understanding of your project’s needs and meet them

                              If you’re not sure where to start, here are 3 things to ask yourself:

                              • How realistic does it look?
                              • Is the project on time and within your budget?
                              • What kind of content type do they specialize in?

                              The type of animation company you hire will depend on the kind of project you have. Some companies mainly do motion graphics, while others focus on animation or a blend of both. Depending on your goals, one might be better than the other.

                              Take a look at this recent project of ours. We created an animation to help promote the logistic company OMNICOMM in Russia, Spain, and Portugal. The video had to look realistic but also convey excitement, so we decided on using 3D animation.

                              3D animations are usually more expensive than 2D, so be aware of what type of style is right for your project before picking an animated video company.

                              Head project manager Max - Darvideo Team

                              3. What are their standard packages?

                              One thing to keep in mind is the variety of packages that the animation company offers. You may want to contact them and ask them what type of packages they can provide. For example, some studios will include a standard service package, some will quote you based on what you need, and others will do both.

                              Variety of 2D packages at Darvideo Animation StudioVariety of 2D packages at Darvideo Animation Studio

                              You should also consider the quality of the company’s work overtime when choosing an animated video production company. If you’re looking for an animation studio that has achieved excellence in its work, it’s worth finding out what they charge for their services and how long they take to complete them.

                              A good, detailed package deal can also be an indicator of a studio that knows what they’re doing. They understand how the process works and they already have it all laid out for potential clients.

                              Rostislav, producer of Darvideo studio

                              4. How fast is their production?

                              It is important to consider the duration of the service when choosing a video production company. The time it takes for an animation studio to complete the production process will affect the final price of the service.

                              GIF | Darvideo Animation

                              What does the speed usually depend on?

                              The complexity and the cost. The cost to produce an animated video can range anywhere from $1,000-$5,000, depending on the time spent creating it. This pricing structure depends on how desired your project is by other companies. If your project is in high demand, it can increase the time spent on production and bring up the price.

                              The animated video company’s production speed is also another factor to consider. If you need to complete your project relatively quickly, you can get in touch with several animation companies ahead of time to see the production speeds they offer.

                              Project Manager Helen - Darvideo studio team

                              5. What project management tools and approaches do they use?

                              We’ve been focusing solely on animation, which is important, but how the studio runs as a business is equally important. Do they use project management tools? If so, which ones? That alone can say something about their level of professionalism.

                              Piece of advice from the industry leader:

                              Piece of advice from the industry leader | Darvideo Blog

                              There are many project management tools and approaches that companies use to ensure their projects are executed well. You should find out if the company you’re considering using has experience with the tools you’re using, how they work with your team to execute your project. What are their processes for managing scope creep? How do they manage project costs?

                              Popular project management tools for teams are Google Sheets, Jira, Trello, Asana, and ClickUp. It would help knowing how a video production company manages its projects. Some companies use more traditional project management tools like Gantt charts and wireframes, while others rely on newer approaches like agile project management.

                              6. What guarantees do they have?

                              In general, a video production company that offers a guarantee will not be willing to work with you unless they are almost 100% sure that your project is a good idea and that you’re going to be pleased with the result. When you’re seeking assurance from an animation studio, make sure that they offer some form of a money-back guarantee like Darvideo.

                              Vlada, Digital Marketing | Darvideo studio team

                              The following are some of the guarantees that an animated video production company should provide if you don’t like the result:

                              • Quality – the animation studio should produce the quality according to industry standards, and the quality might depend on which animation style is chosen for your project.
                              • Understanding – Understanding the potential buyer’s needs is vital. If possible, get in contact with the animation video team for new rounds of revisions before proceeding with the project.
                              • Deliverables – Make sure you receive the file in the highest resolution possible. Keep in mind the type of content the animation studio will deliver at the end of the project.
                              • Money-Back-Guarantee – It is important to look for a guarantee in case you don’t like the project you’ve received as your final product.

                              Key features of an animation studio - Darvideo

                              7. What is the company’s team?

                              The animation company should be able to provide you with an estimate of the type of team they have, and this will help you make your final decision on which company is best for you. A big squad may provide better coverage, but the pricing may be different for small teams.

                              There are many different types of animators and artists that are qualified for this type of work. These artists’ education, experience, and skill-set will play a major role in what animation you choose for your project.

                              A piece of advice:

                              1. Visit the team page on the website.
                              2. Visit the jobs page as well. That will give you an answer what are the real requirements for the potential team members.

                              While there are always exceptions, animation by nature is a very collaborative affair. Sometimes it’s not enough to evaluate a studio as a whole. Many studios list their team members on their website, which will give you an even better look inside of their operation. You’ll be able to see what each member brings to the team, including some of their past projects. All of this can give you a much better idea of what to expect with your finished animation.

                              “Don’t get too hung up on the size of a studio. A small team of very dedicated artists can produce amazing things.” | Darvideo Blog

                              Cool - GIF image

                              Get a Quote from Darvideo for your next video project

                              When it comes to choosing an animated video company, there are a lot of different factors that you should consider. For example, the animation style and content type will play into how your finished product looks. Similarly, the budget and timeline for your project also factor in what type of animation is right for you.

                              At Darvideo, we work with clients on every marketing strategy level, from building concepts to production and post-production. If this sounds like something you might be interested in getting started on, don’t hesitate to get a quote with Darvideo.

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