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                              7 Video Marketing Trends in 2021

                              Due to the global pandemic 2020, businesses of all sizes moved online more than ever in an effort to adapt to the “new normal”. Current trends show that video marketing is becoming one of the most important and fastest growing trends in online marketing, and it is a standout way to reach your audience in 2021.

                              Online video is the top practice that allows companies to connect with their customers at a personal level, communicate complex information in an easy-to-digest form, and start a more emotional interaction.

                              People are spending more time than ever consuming video content from classrooms to offices to entertainment, and it is also playing a bigger role on social media channels. So if you want to connect with your audience in 2021, you should definitely incorporate video into your marketing mix.

                              But what types of video marketing tactics are most important right now? Read on to learn about video marketing trends you should be aware of for 2021.

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                              360° & Virtual Reality Videos

                              Due to the fact that virtual reality is witnessing a fast growth, the demand for engaging 360 videos keeps growing too. 360 videos are immersive in nature because they place viewers in the center of the scene and action, completely surrounded by sights and sounds. They allow you to scroll around to see the content from any angle and encourage you to explore a location or event as if you were physically there.

                              Creating such videos can be a good tactic for travel sites, real estate, and retail. They allow you to showcase your products and services better and give your customers more control over how they view them.

                              Animated Video

                              Adult customers also love to watch animated video. Such videos can help when you want to educate your audience, and they can be a perfect format for presenting hard-to-grasp concepts that require strong visuals. You can also use them to explain an abstract product or service. Animated content is also easier to edit than live-action content. Speaking about animated video 2021, we can distinguish several trends. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

                              Animated explainer videos are very popular among B2B companies because they help present complex business ideas in an entertaining form. On average, they last about one minute and allow brands to describe their products or services using custom illustrations and animation. Since today’s customers prefer to manage their lives on the go, using smartphones, animated explainer videos are typically created based on a mobile-first approach.

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                              Animated commercials are popular for advertising among companies in different niches as well. A growing trend is a combination of 2D and 3D animations that is expected to boom video marketing in the next year.

                              A popular trend is also mixing animation and live action. When live-motion videos are “augmented” with fun animated characters or environments, it helps to make them even more exciting. By mixing these two types of content, you can ensure your video content stands out through striking visual displays.

                              Whiteboard animation is also expected to gain momentum in 2021 because such videos are cheaper to produce than 3D animations. They look like a process of drawing a storyline on a whiteboard with marker pens step-by-step. Whiteboard animations are often used for general brand advertising, product marketing, and event promotion.

                              Live Videos

                              Live Videos in the article Video Marketing Trends

                              Live videos offer higher engagement rates because they create an intimate connection with an audience. Live streaming videos are more authentic than edited video content and can provide a human touch to any digital marketing campaign.

                              There are different ways you can reach your audiences, such as live events, webinars, live stream interviews, Q&A sessions, tutorials, presentations, product demonstrations, and more. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are thriving with their Live features, and such platforms like Twitch, LinkedIn, and Twitter have also started taking advantage of this video marketing trend. The best part of live videos is that they are prioritized in social media algorithms and are more likely to get noticed by your audience.

                              Shoppable Video Content

                              Shoppable videos are expected to be a game-changer in social media selling, which is also one of the major e-commerce trends. These short videos allow customers to shop on the spot. Consumers can just click on the product they like in a video clip, and they will be redirected to a product page in an online store.

                              Social media channels, such as Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest already use this technique that shortens the customer journey and accelerates conversions. Amazon has launched a shoppable feature on its platform too.

                              Shoppable Video Content - article Coolest Video Marketing Trends

                              It’s possible to use this feature on other types of videos as well. For example, you can embed links in tutorials and different informative videos.

                              Search Optimized Videos

                              If you decide to make a video for your brand, you should also ensure that Google can fit it. The search engine algorithms become more intelligent, and video content appears in search and video search results.

                              It’s important to optimize all your videos for search. Here is what you can do:

                              • Use titles and descriptions that contain your target keywords;
                              • Create original thumbnail images;
                              • Add subtitles and closed captions.

                              You can repurpose your existing content, for example, blog posts, into 5-minute videos, and that can help place your website higher in search results. Video content tends to appear higher in search results for FAQ. So you can create a series of short explainer videos to answer questions that your customers typically ask. Besides, you can create a short blog post on a popular topic and add a video that covers the subject in-depth.

                              Soundless Social Videos

                              Many social media users prefer to watch videos silently, especially when they are using mobile devices in public places. So you need to create interesting videos for those people who don’t want to listen.

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                              A good idea can be to use captions and on-screen instructions or create videos that can be easily understood without sound. According to numerous surveys, internet users would like to find captions on videos about food, useful tips, and news.

                              If you optimize your videos for silent viewing, your audience will likely watch them for longer. Thanks to the absence of distracting music, your audience will be focusing more on your message and be paying closer attention to the shots you choose. Besides, captions allow people with hearing impairment to watch your videos and get entertainment or insight from the content you’ve created.

                              Video Content Going Omnichannel

                              It’s important to promote your videos on all channels where your target audience is present. No one uses only one platform; users typically bounce from site to site, search using Google, connect with family and friends on Facebook, and read the latest news on Twitter and LinkedIn. So you should find out where your customers spend most time online and share your videos across those channels.


                              Today’s consumers have no shortage of video content, so if you want your brand to stand out, you should create high-quality videos that will deeply engage your audiences. We’ve discussed the most popular video marketing trends for the upcoming year. Using them, you will be able to put together an effective marketing strategy that will allow you to reach more potential customers than ever before.

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