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                              Animated explainer videos for Finance and Insurance

                              Animated Explainer Videos for Finance and Insurance

                              Modern finance and insurance industries are highly competitive areas that require robust digital marketing strategies to increase reach, gain more customers and increase their loyalty, and stand out from their competitors. That’s where animated explainer videos can help. Finance animated video can be a perfect solution that can help companies explain complex financial products and operations and promote financial and insurance services more innovatively.

                              Why Is Animated Video for Banking and Insurance So Effective?

                              According to research, the attention span of modern consumers is as low as only about 8 seconds, and they are bombarded with online content of different types. That’s why it is hard for businesses to stand out from others or get their marketing messages across.

                              Banking and insurance companies offer complex products and services with complicated internal procedures and regular policy changes, so their clients often find it challenging to understand financial products or processes. Besides, people don’t have time and don’t like to read long miles of text and ineffective, tedious written explanations. They just need something that can highlight the essential information and represent it in an easy to follow, memorable, and meaningful way.

                              Most financial and insurance companies and banks use animated explainer videos to build trust with their prospects and clients, expand their market reach, and acquire more clients. Why? People prefer watching online videos these days, and according to studies, video traffic constitutes about 80% of all consumer Internet traffic.

                              Short animated videos are a great marketing tool

                              They are great for explaining complex concepts in a digestible way. They can say much more than dozens of pages of a lengthy document that explain all the details of an innovative financial product, service, or technology and can convey the most sophisticated message in a fun and engaging manner.

                              Animated explainer videos combine bright graphics, eye-catching graphics, engaging storytelling techniques, and beautiful music to clarify the most complicated information in a memorable way and appeal to consumers on an emotional, more personal level. They educate viewers about new products and services and entertain them at the same time. As a result, animated explainer videos make a powerful impression on your audience and help you establish long-term relationships with your customers.

                              Banking Explainer Video: How to Use It in Your Marketing Strategy?

                              Financial organizations use short animated explainer videos to educate their clients and engage with them more effectively. Traditional banks and online banks use animated explainer videos to describe their work more precisely, show changes in their policies, terms, and conditions, or explain complex financial procedures and concepts to help consumers learn more about their offerings and make informed purchase decisions.

                              Explainer videos are great for updating clients about new terms, rules, and financial policies if you post them on your website. People can learn about what’s changed within only 1 or 2 minutes and don’t have to spend tons of time reading long articles that explain the same details.

                              Animated explainer videos are widely used in service or product descriptions. You can present both new and existing products in an understandable and engaging manner. Vivid graphics make it easy to highlight the key advantages of your credit cards or loans as well as payroll benefits. And you can also use lively animated characters to explain your services and tell viewers about special offers and discounts. This way, consumers will have a better understanding of the important facts and complex terms, which makes them more confident in their choice and eager to become your clients. Sales representatives can use animated explainer videos that highlight key features and benefits of financial products and services as well to pitch new clients.

                              Animated explainer videos are also effective for internal communications within a company. They can be used to present reports and show numbers and financial statistics using animated charts and mind maps vividly and more interestingly for anyone to understand. You can use them to communicate important messages to your employees at meetings instead of using boring traditional slide shows.Banking explainer video

                              Insurance Explainer Video: What Are the Possibilities?

                              Animated explainer videos make it easier for insurance companies to explain their services to wider audiences, replacing a heavy wall of text in their written FAQ content with brief, easy-to-understand video clips.

                              If you are planning to launch a new product or service, an insurance animated video can be the best way to make sure your clients and prospects know what is actually coming, how it works, and how it can solve their important problems. Animated videos that tell compelling stories are the best way to promote your products creatively and without a hard sell. You should use animated explainer videos to spice up your insurance product or service offering and better connect with your target audience.

                              The insurance industry has tons of jargon, so it’s not easy to inform your clients about the policy coverage, payment, and billing using only text content on your website. Animations have the power to bring abstract concepts to life visually, improving comprehension and retention of any information. You can use animated explainer videos to educate your audience about specific tools used in insurance.

                              Final Word

                              Explainer videos that use 2D and 3d animations help fintech and insurance companies build brand awareness, establish credibility, drive more qualified leads, and close more sales. It’s a versatile and fully adjustable type of content that works great for any type of business, target audience, and use case.

                              An animated video for an insurance company can help clearly explain the advantages of their offerings and motivate potential clients to learn more about them. Such videos are great marketing tools for both traditional banks and investment companies, helping them innovate their approaches to customer experience, and fintech startups and mobile-only banks, helping present complex digital innovations in just a few minutes.

                              The possibilities and benefits of using animated explainer videos are numerous, and your customers will appreciate this innovative and creative approach.

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