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                              Why your lead conversions depend on animated explainer videos

                              For many businesses, marketing animation videos are the best way to go. When companies start thinking about creating video content, they usually believe that a live-action video is the best possible option; but in reality, it requires huge budgets and a large production team. But what is more important is that the result may be not that effective. But not all marketing videos are so difficult to make, and an animated explainer video is one of them. Professional animated videos are made with average budgets and are capable of describing things that can be challenging to produce through live-action. All with an added magical touch: every single element in an animated video can be tailored to speak directly to your customers!

                              But how do they help attract leads and boost conversions? Animated videos work wonders when they’re placed in the right moment of your buyer’s journey. This is all thanks to the power of inbound marketing. So, basically, the secret is to identify the key moments in your buyer’s journey and deliver video content that helps them go through every step of it — all the way to the purchase phase (and beyond!). Let’s see how you can boost those conversions and attract leads by using marketing animation!

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                              Your Content Should Speak to Your Customers

                              You can’t make video content if you don’t know what your customers need. Your content should address and speak directly to them, so they feel connected with your brand and more enthusiastic to listen to what you have to say. Why is that important? You have to think two steps ahead, these actions will assist you to attract better leads and get more conversions. One of the most important ideas of using any animated explainer video is that it can help you customize your product or service to the tiniest detail. Through finding customer’s pain points, you can accurately enlighten and describe in your video, showing the whole importance and necessity of using your product.

                              Here are the three main issues that will help you to achieve the lead conversion from your explainer video:

                              • Message: any client needs a solution. People are watching videos for fun, but more importantly, they are watching it to find answers to their questions. Define your clients’ main points and bring them a solution. Your main task is not selling, but showing your empathy and quick solutions. If it is a new client, show him how convenient and important your product is for him.
                              • Characters: make sure your client will be connected with your real buyers. This will engage your users to watch your video and feel more interested in your service. The closer you are with your audience, the more real lead conversions you will get.
                              • Visuals: if you want to increase brand awareness and get more leads,  make sure you are using some branded elements and issues in your visuals. For example, you can easily add a branded color palette and comprise your logo in every moment of the video that is explaining your product or service.

                              Put an earworm into your clients’ minds

                              An earworm is a slogan or melody that will stay in one’s mind. It is a simple rule, but it will work wonders if you must involve your audience and stick your message in their minds. Explainer videos will stay in your audience’s memory! Every day online users watch hundreds of different videos on various platforms. Make sure your message or melody will be memorable;  it will work for your company multiple times bringing sales from the same client.

                              But not only melody makes it special and memorable. If you want to succeed in your marketing campaign, another important issue is to boost SEO. Your content should be easy to find that way it will have more views. You perfectly understand that when a user cannot find your video or it is not correctly distributed, it is a great loss of conversion. Thus, your other task is to make your videos attractive for search engines!

                              An accurate description, correct titles, and tags will bring you a new audience. The briefer and clearer it is, the more people will find it. Make a catchy title, include the main keyword, add it to your YouTube channel and in the most important place of your website (like your landing page). Your video will be higher in search ranks when it will be linked to other websites and platforms. What does it mean? It means that the more channels you use for your promotion campaign, the more effective your results you’ll have. Different statistics show that animated explainer videos attract people’s attention more, and what is more important, it attracts attention organically. Advantages of that traffic are:

                              • It increases the time spent on your website.
                              • Reduces bounce rate.
                              • Google (and other search engines) determine that your website is of great interest to the public, and it ranks higher.
                              • After adding a video to YouTube, users may find your video within an internal search and get to know more of your content.

                              If you stick to these simple rules, the whole video and various channels that you have used for promotion will work for your company as a separate marketing campaign. The more info and the more videos you download online, the more chances you get to make your brand popular.

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                              Place Your Video on the Right Platforms

                              Video production is an important process. If you are aiming to get a result, you need to choose the studio, that has experience, knowledge and all necessary instruments to make a video that will engage viewers and bring you conversion and sales. On one hand, you have production, which is a simple task if you order your animated explainer video at Darvideo Animation Studio, on the other hand, you must promote your video. You can spend a lot of time, budget and effort into making animated videos, but if you don’t make them by basing your efforts on a real strategy, then you’re not investing your resources, you’re wasting them. Learn when and where your videos perform best and distribute your content accordingly. For example, there are studies that say that animated video content increases conversions more than 80% if placed on a landing page. Why? Because when people enter a landing page they’re looking for information, and video content is the best way to deliver just that!

                              They also boost email open rates; so, if you think that your email marketing campaigns are not performing well, then now you know that the best place to distribute your video is inside your marketing email. Just so you can get an idea of how well this works, by adding the word “video” in your email subject line, your open rates go up to more than 65%! Understanding how your customers think is super useful. Remember, your video needs to be in the right place at the right time.

                              Make sure your video is done by the best team

                              Animated video content will help you increase leads and conversions for sure, but it doesn’t mean that every video content will do that. It is not only the type of video that defines its popularity and effectiveness. It is also about the script, the flow, and animation, the voice over, the storytelling, etc.

                              When creating a video, make sure that you’re investing your budget in a production team that’s capable of delivering the results that you need and, if you need to obtain real marketing results, you need to start thinking a bit more professionally. And that means collaboration with professional studios with a good portfolio. The whole process is a great big journey that will engage you, and you can supervise the whole production from the very beginning through to the end. Our studio has created a convenient three-stage production that is done quickly and brings the highest result.

                              Use all the possibilities

                              You want your business to acquire more leads and make more conversions. That’s the main goal of all businesses, true! Nowadays, video content is the greatest method to ensure it if you apply some marketing tactics to the situation. Once you have decided to invest in animated video content, you need to do it right.

                              Study your client’s buyer’s journey: understand their pain points, their needs and every step that they take from the moment that they become aware of your brand to the moment when they make the purchase. Then, use that information to your own advantage! Make sure that your video speaks directly to your target audience because this will spark a connection with them, and it’ll help you build brand trust. Publish your video in the right place, and at the right time; you want your audience to find it when it’s most useful for them! Inbound marketing at its finest!

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                              So, are you ready to press play on that marketing animation video? Are you ready to include it in your plan and get the finest result? Click for more information and start filling in your brief right now. Darvideo Animation Studio is a team of professionals and we know how to bring leads and conversions to our clients. We can’t wait to work with you!

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